Fired up for more right from the start

Like many, Simona De Silvestro’s dream first emerged when she was little. Too little as it turns outShe vividly remembers the first opportunity she had to ride a go-kart at an event at her father’s car dealershipHer feet couldn’t reach the pedals. Nevertheless, Simona's interest in fast cars was ignited from that point on. And so she took her first too-small step towards a life of speed and adrenaline behind the wheel of everything from go-karts to Formula E.

If I got a chance, I took it. And I never gave up.
Simona de SilvestroReserve driver in the TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team

The unstoppable Iron Maiden

Simona was still a teenager when she started taking karting more seriously. Her ambition always stayed with her in life as well as on the racetrack. After 3 years in kart racing, she switched to Formula racing and moved to Italy from her hometown of Thun in Switzerland. With every passing year her heart raced faster for the next race and the next victory.

She then went to Americaand between 2010 and 2015 she made a name for herself in the IndyCar Series. The pivotal moment came in 2011 when her training run was interrupted by a spectacular fire. Nevertheless, she got right back behind the wheel the following day. From then on, Americans reverently called her the Iron Maiden.

Since 2019, she has been working hard in Porsche’s Formula E teamAnd these days both her dreams and pedals are well within her reach.

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