Refreshing the fashion industry

For Priya Ahluwalia, great design inspiration can come from anywhere. That’s why the Founder and Creative Director of the eponymous fashion house is revitalising old traditions to build something new. Her techniques, which include using discarded materials known in the trade as ‘deadstock’, are partly inspired by her heritage - Priya grew up in London and has family in both India and Nigeria.

My process is all about taking something traditional and reinventing it for the future.
Priya AhluwaliaFounder and Creative Director of Ahluwalia

Designing for tomorrow

From the individual clothes she designs to the collaborations and seasonal trends she helps inspire, everything Priya does is underlined by a clear, consistent ethos. No matter the medium, she’s passionate about creating something of a lasting value. It’s that aim – of building something for tomorrow – that drives everything she does.

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