The legacy of a big dream

Back in 1948, Ferry Porsche presented his vision of a sports car to the world. The 356 ‘No 1‘ Roadster wasn't just a passing fancy, but the final answer to a dream he never let go. It was a dream born the moment he realized he would never be able to find a car that matched his vision of what a sports car should be. And what he created was nothing less than an instant icon in the automobile industry and a masterpiece of design and technical engineering.

In the beginning, I looked around and could not find quite the car I dreamed of, so I decided to build it myself.
Ferry Porsche

Following a dream made Porsche the brand it is today

At 37, Ferry Porsche was no stranger to designing automobiles. He had been working in the engineering office since 1931, and in particular on the Type 360 grand prix race car for Cisitalia. But introducing the world to his own vision of what a sports car should be must have been one of his proudest moments. With its sleek aluminum roadster body, it certainly was a beautiful car.

Yet, as impressive as the original was, Ferry kept developing it in the future culminating in its final C model. The success of this model shows that it always pays to dream on.

Ferry's ambition is still reflected in the brand today. To always look beyond what’s possible and not just dream of innovative solutions, but to actively develop and drive them forward. That is the brand Ferry built.

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