Porsche Staying sharp and focused.

Staying sharp and focused.

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Andreas Müller is benefitting from the booming beard culture. Together with his brother Christian, he runs the Mühle Rasurkultur stores, now in their third generation. He takes us to his favourite spot in the Ore Mountains in the Porsche Cayenne S. Porsche Connect spoke to him about rugged landscapes, family and feeling perfectly connected with the road.

This is going to be good thought Andreas Müller, as he caught a first glimpse of his ivory white Porsche 356 B at the port in Rotterdam. He had bought the classic car more or less sight unseen months earlier – the photos alone were enough to set his pulse racing. "I've always been fascinated by the fact that in a 356 you never feel as if you are going slowly. You feel the exceptional performance, the perfection, the joy," says the 42-year-old as he climbs into the Porsche Cayenne S. Our destination today is one of his favourite childhood spots in Saxony's Ore Mountains.

Enjoy the peace and quiet. With the Porsche App Connect, Andreas Müller can concentrate fully on the beautiful slopes of the Ore Mountains.

Everything checked before setting off.
The entrepreneur has pre-configured the route to his favourite place before leaving his office using the Porsche Connect App. Remaining range, oil level and mileage checked. “With the Car Remote Package you can plan a trip right down the last detail before setting off. This saves a lot of stress when on the road. Our heads are always filled with other things. That's why I appreciate not having to figure out where the next petrol station is or where to find a good restaurant,” says Müller.

The snow crunches underfoot. His stride lengthens and his pace quickens as we get closer. He has entered “Viechzig” in the route planner in the Porsche Connect App, even though he could probably find his way to the lookout point blindfolded. By the time the narrow trail comes to an end in the village of Hundshübel, Müller appears to have entered another world. He gazes into the distance.

“With the Car Remote Package you can plan a trip right down the last detail before setting off. This saves a lot of stress when on the road.”

Perfection down to the last detail.
His plan for today is to shoot new photos for the Mühle manufactory Instagram account. Müller bends down, grabs two handfuls of snow and spreads it over the wooden table on the viewing platform. He keeps looking towards the sun, trying to find the right position to take photos without too much shadow. “Photographing a wooden-handled brush outdoors – it doesn't get much better than this,” he explains.

The pictures have turned out great. Müller follows the trail back, but this time a lot more slowly. He sways slightly as he walks in silence, looking at his smartphone. He activates the Safety Radar function using the Porsche Connect App. “No matter which Porsche you drive, you really feel a powerful connection with the road. Every Porsche gives you a drive that feels sporty and direct. I have no idea how it works, but that is what the Porsche legend is all about,” he says. “When I'm out driving in my 356, I get strangers waving at me, flashing their headlights or giving me the thumbs-up – the feedback is always positive.” In the Cayenne S he's fascinated by the the technology that he doesn't have in his 356. “The electronic interface between the driver and the vehicle is perfect down to the last detail.”

‘Made in Germany’ is a sign of confidence. At Mühle, the feedback being received from all over the world is being taken on board in the development of the company and shaping the brand. “The ‘Made in Germany’ quality seal is highly valued in Asia, and is a sign of confidence. We were fortunate to hit the wet shave trend in China at the right time.”

A former theology student, Müller would today much rather study industrial design and focus on product design and packaging. “Considering cost versus benefit, perfecting shapes, touching, feeling, trying out materials,” he says, pausing for a moment. He then laughs at his own words. “What am I talking about? I do all of those things anyway.” No matter what he had chosen to study, it was always inevitable that the father-of-three would work in the family business afterwards. “If for no other reason than that all-important word: family.”

The offer described here is for a 2019 model year Cayenne Turbo S, and indicates service availability in Germany.