Porsche - Racing bike carrier
Porsche - Racing bike carrier
Porsche - Racing bike carrier

Racing bike carrier

Product features

  • Racing bike carrier with quick-clamping device for the front fork and lengthways-adjustable rear wheel mount.
  • The racing bike carrier is available with a front wheel holder or a front wheel bag. In this way, the front wheel can either be stowed in the front wheel holder on the roof transport system or in a bag in the interior.
  • Up to two racing bike carriers and front wheel holders can be mounted on the roof transport system.
  • Suitable for round frames, oval frames and carbon frames.
  • The frame holder and wheel track in a distinctive Porsche design hold the bike securely in the correct position
  • The rear wheel is held securely in place thanks to the quick-release rim strap.
  • Quick and easy mounting
  • Ready to fit. No tool required for fitting.
  • The racing bike carrier can be quickly and easily swapped from one side of the car to the other without the use of tools.
  • The racing bike can be locked to the racing bike carrier and the racing bike carrier to the roof transport system (locks are included).
  • Compatible with through-axle bikes with use of an adapter (20mm adapter included).

A roof transport system is required for mounting a racing bike carrier.

Technical data

Racing bike carrier:
Max. number of racing bikes per carrier:
Max. number of racing bike carriers per vehicle:
17 kg
Dimensions (length/width/height):
1290 mm x 240 mm x 75 mm
approximately 2.6kg
only available for wheels with hardened front wheel mount (minimum diameter 21mm).
Please use the Porsche Tequipment Finder to discover the Porsche models for which a bike carrier is available.
Front wheel holder:
Dimensions (length/width/height):
443 mm x 190 mm x 57 mm
approximately 1kg
Front wheel bag:
Wheels up to ø 29 inches

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