Porsche - Warranty Extension

Warranty Extension

Driving enjoyment – guaranteed.

More than two thirds of all Porsche vehicles ever built are still on the road. Therefore, the Porsche marque stands not only for performance and an unforgettable driving experience, but also a long vehicle life.

This fact gives us the confidence to extend the warranty of your Porsche for up to 10 years, offering you maximum peace of mind and optimum service should an unexpected problem happen to arise. This is even possible in cases where you would not normally expect a warranty to be offered.

The Porsche Approved Warranty is available for all Porsche vehicles less than 9 years old (8 years for a 24-month warranty) and where the car mileage is less than 200,000 km. The validity of the Porsche Approved Warranty is for a period of 12 months or 24 months (on request) and gives you access to a comprehensive range of Porsche services.

The Porsche Approved Warranty covers functioning of all parts of the below components without any milage limits. This applies for 100 % of the relevant labour and material costs for:

  • Engine
  • Fuel system/cooling system
  • Transmission/drive assembly
  • Steering/suspension
  • Brake system
  • Air conditioning/heating
  • Electric
  • Body

Why do we aim to provide such a comprehensive service? So your Porsche can always benefit from the high quality standards, reliable service and maximum safety offered by Porsche.

You want to extend an existing new car warranty or Porsche Approved Warranty?

The Porsche Approved Warranty Extension

When extending the warranty of your Porsche you are not tied to specific periods – you can purchase your new warranty at any time while your vehicle is still under the original warranty. The same applies to an existing Porsche Approved Warranty: once again, you decide when to renew.

Naturally, the Warranty Extension takes effect only after the original warranty or Porsche Approved Warranty on the vehicle has expired. The Warranty Extension is issued by your Porsche Centre for a fee and can continue to cover your car for a period of up to 10 years of Porsche warranty.

You want to benefit from the Porsche Approved Warranty but your Porsche warranty has expired already?

The Porsche Approved Individual Warranty

Thanks to the Porsche Approved Individual Warranty our services are open to customers whose Porsche is no longer under an existing warranty that can be extended.

The Porsche Approved Individual Warranty can be issued for a fee if your vehicle has been inspected and has met all checklist criteria and any relevant faults have been repaired. Your Porsche must have been registered to you for at least 90 days.

In addition to the cost of the warranty, you will be required to pay costs of inspection and any necessary reconditioning. In return, Porsche will offer the highest quality services and parts, offering you complete peace of mind. As a valued Porsche customer, you will receive around the clock service support.

Your benefits

  • Coverage of 100% of the labour and material costs in a warranty case.
  • Coverage independent of vehicle mileage during covered period (after purchase).
  • In warranty case no contribution by the customer (no preliminary payment necessary).
  • Coverage for Porsche up to 10 years of age.
  • Transferable between private customers.
  • Preparation exclusively by qualified Porsche Technicians.
  • Only original Porsche Parts used.
  • Worldwide consistency of standards (111-point check) & valid worldwide.
  • Each vehicle under Porsche Approved Warranty benefits from the Porsche Assistance programme.
  • With Porsche Approved Warranty you are flexible. You can choose one or two years of coverage.
  • Your Porsche partner will issue a warranty certificate.