Porsche genuine product, ensuring optimum engine performance and maximum driving experience.

Will carbon deposits create engine performance loss over time?

Did you know? Carbon deposits are inevitable in the process of fuel combustion. Over time, the build up of carbon deposit will gradually reduce the engine’s ability to provide its optimal performance, resulting in the possible effects of:

  • Reduced power and acceleration performance
  • Increased fuel consumption and emissions
  • Engine faults and/or reduced engine life

How to reduce carbon deposit build up and ensure continued engine performance?

Keropur fuel additives provide a dual action solution, by cleaning and keeping clean. Removing already existing deposits and preventing the formation of new deposits, prolonging engine life, enabling better start-up and delivering high performance.

Pure blood, purity in the heart of your vehicle

Keropur fuel additive has been developed specifically for Porsche engines, and is recommended by the Porsche factory. Widely applicable to all previous generation of Porsche models, Keropur is pure care for Porsche engines;

  • Maintaining a clean engine
  • Reducing friction between piston ring and cylinder wall
  • Providing excellent corrosion protection for the entire fuel system

From a small bottle comes a powerful driving experience

We suggest that you add one bottle of Keropur, into the fuel tank, prior to every complete refuel. No matter what challenges lay ahead, your Porsche is ready for the journey.