Service & Porsche Genuine Parts

Service & Porsche Genuine Parts

Porsche Premier Care

For you and your Porsche

For you and your Porsche

Every journey offers the opportunity to reach exciting destinations and see beautiful scenery along the way.

Constantly discovering new places and seeking new experiences adds excitement to our lives. Enjoying the journey is at the heart of Porsche ownership, Porsche Premier Care is our commitment to keeping the promise that every journey is worry-free.

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Porsche Service Package

Porsche - ENJOY – we take care of the rest

ENJOY – we take care of the rest

We know how it feels to follow your dream and your passion for driving.

That’s why Porsche Service Packages offer a more comprehensive, more tailored maintenance plan to suit your needs and your dream.

They keep your Porsche 100% Porsche – maintaining performance with maximum service quality and complete convenience.

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Porsche Fast Lane Service

Porsche - Fast without cutting corners

Fast without cutting corners

We know your time is precious and we also know your Porsche is very special. We provide the Porsche Fast Lane service without cutting the corners, specifically for the pre-defined standard Oil Change Service.

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Service & Maintenance

Porsche - What's important for athletes? A regular check-up.

What's important for athletes? A regular check-up.

High performance is no coincidence – but the result of regular maintenance and the replacement of wear and tear parts. These are the basis for reliability and value retention. They also help avoid unscheduled workshop visits and unnecessary costs.

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Warranty Service

Lasting pace of mind, Porsche warranty service.

Lasting pace of mind, Porsche warranty service.

On the following page, you will learn about the relevant information about vehicle warranty and San Bao services that provided by Porsche.

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Porsche Insurance Renewal Service

Porsche - Continuous Customer Care, Everlasting Peace of Mind

Continuous Customer Care, Everlasting Peace of Mind

Enjoy even more relaxed and carefree driving pleasure, with Porsche Insurance Renewal Service.
Insurance renewal through your Porsche Centre means careful and considerate service, with peace of mind guaranteed from claim settlement to completed repair.
Our customer care is never-ending.

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Repair expertise

Porsche - Nothing lasts forever. But we're working on it.

Nothing lasts forever. But we're working on it.

Has your Porsche suffered minor damage? Don't worry. Be it body repair, paintwork or the removal of minor traces of wear and tear – Porsche Service will undertake all the work. Using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, special tools and the knowledge gained from over 60 years of sports car production.

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Porsche Genuine Parts

Porsche - No-one wants a mere copy of their childhood dreams.

No-one wants a mere copy of their childhood dreams.

Your Porsche is an original. With Porsche Genuine Parts, we'll ensure that it remains just that: the parts are optimally tailored to your vehicle and meet the high Porsche quality standards.

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Vehicle check.

Prepared for every eventuality.
And for your next visit.

Do you enjoy driving? You can do it every day if you want. And we'll prepare your Porsche for you. With our vehicle checks that are tailored to the requirements of every situation. Along with yours. Contact your local Porsche Centre.

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Air-conditioning check.

It's not easy to keep a cool head in a Porsche.
But it is possible.

Porsche stands for performance. And big emotions. But by allowing us to check the operation and cooling performance of your air conditioning, you're sure to keep a cool head. To find out how, contact your Porsche Centre.

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Live Check.

Real sport is best experienced live.

During our live check, we'll test all your Porsche's safety-related equipment and major wearing parts, in your presence and at a time agreed by you. Information about our live check is available from your Porsche Centre.

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Porsche Car Cosmetic.

High performers deserve a treat.

Delivering maximum performance, radiating confidence and always looking good. It's not easy. But it is possible. At Porsche Service, we've developed maintenance programmes to do just that. Find out what these are from your Porsche Centre.

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Race Check.

Once you've tasted victory, there's no going back.

A Porsche originates from the race track, where nothing should be left to chance. Our highly-qualified staff will therefore ensure that your Porsche is perfectly prepared, both before and after the race. For more information, contact your Porsche Centre directly.

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Dynamic Repair.

There's always an alternative.
Except when it comes to driving pleasure.

A Porsche is instantly recognisable. Unfortunately, so is minor damage, such as scratches and dents. That´s why, with Porsche Dynamic Repair, we offer special repair methods that remove any minor irregularities quickly and easily.

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Porsche - Do you love the open road? Make sure you stay in contact with it.

Do you love the open road? Make sure you stay in contact with it.

Tyres are essential for delivering road performance. That's why Porsche, together with selected cooperation partners, makes every effort to achieve the best result. Click here to find out which tyres fit your vehicle.

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Porsche Tyres

Porsche Tyres

Tyres custom-made for your Porsche. Tyres are the exclusive points of contact to the road, and they play a key role in safety and driving pleasure. That is why every Porsche leaves the factory with tyres that were developed in close cooperation with leading manufacturers in the tyre industry – custom-made for the specific Porsche model and developed in an extensive process that takes around three years. These Porsche-recommended tyres are specially marked with an “N”. Whether summer or winter, tyres with the N-marking assist you throughout the year and provide for optimal safety and driving pleasure.

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Porsche co-branded oil

Performance Oil. Benefits on the home circuit.

A Porsche is built to achieve maximum results. On the race track, on the road and at every corner. To achieve optimum performance, it also needs the right engine oil.

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What tasks does the engine oil perform?

On the road or race track, oil is the most important technical lubricant in the engine. Choosing the right engine oil is therefore crucial - not only for the first fill in the factory, but also for subsequent oil changes and when selecting top-up oil.

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New Paint Protection Film

Porsche - Invisible Magic, Lasting Protection

Invisible Magic, Lasting Protection

The paint protection film offers lasting defense to the vehicle’s original paintwork.

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Ceramic Window Film

Porsche - Ultimate care for you and your family

Ultimate care for you and your family

Take most care of what’s most precious. All-new ceramic window film, for exceptional care and protection. Provides more comfort for drivers and their families.

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