Porsche - 3 Way Leasing Flexible Car Purchasing

3 Way Leasing Flexible Car Purchasing

Start with easy, be pre-sighted and calm all way along.

Porsche Finance – 3 Way Leasing Flexible Car Purchasing

Enjoy the moment at your prime time, embrace the wild dream deep in your heart. With the name of Porsche, change the history, bring advance and modern from the future. Stand high, so you can walk every step in grace. Our Porsche financial services, help every dreamer realize their dream one step ahead. Come to us, enjoy the fascinating driving experience.

Your benefits at a glance:

No need to spend a large margin of money at the beginning for purchasing the car, with low monthly installment, you can enjoy the driving fun of Porsche immediately. At contract end, you can flexibly choose 3 way of trade-in, purchase or return the car.

Product description:

Contract type: Hedged financial lease
Customer: Private and commercial
Down Payment: Minimum 20% of the purchase price
Term: 24, 36, 48 months
At contract end, according to the agreed RV, there is 3 way of trade-in, purchase or return as your flexible choices:

  1. Trade-in: start a new leasing using the 3 way leasing product on a new Porsche vehicle
  2. Purchase: pay RV of the car and get the ownership
  3. Return: return the car to the dealer, no need to pay additional fee. (must comply to the agreed mileage and wear-and-tear condition)

Interested? What are you waiting for? Our Porsche certified financial consultants await you at your local Porsche Centre to provide you with any additional information you may need.

Porsche Financial Services is provided by licensed Service Providers. Terms and conditions of the respective service provider of the illustrated products apply. Only available in participating Porsche Centers.

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