Porsche - Current offer: Cayenne Repurchase / Trade-in

Current offer: Cayenne Repurchase / Trade-in

Example Calculation Cayenne Repurchase / Trade-in

ProductManufacturerSuggested Retail PriceDownPayment RatioDownPayment AmountLoanAmountBalloonPayment RatioBalloonPayment AmountTenorInterestRateMonthlyInstallmentMonthlyInstallment (2nd Stage)*
Porsche Finance¥913,00020%¥182,600¥730,4000%0123.99%¥62,190
Porsche Finance-
Porsche Finance S¥913,00030%¥273,900¥639,10025%228250123.99%¥35,741
Porsche Finance -
Bullet Balloon
Porsche Finance

* Porsche Finance – Tier Down, when tenor is 12, first stage of monthly installment is defined as 1-6 month, second stage of monthly installment is defined as 7-12 month; when tenor is 24, first stage of monthly installment is defined as 1-12 month, second stage of monthly installment is defined as 13-24 month; when tenor is 36, first stage of monthly installment is defined as 1-24 month, second stage of monthly installment is defined as 25-36 month.

MSRP,monthly installment, bullet balloon and displaying picture are only for reference. Welcome to approach participating Porsche Centres of detail car models, configuration and price. Porsche Financial Services is provided by licensed Service Providers. Terms and conditions of the respective service provider of the illustrated products apply. Only available in participating Porsche Centers. The finance offers are only applicable for designated Cayenne models. The finance offers valid until 31 December 2021.

To make a dream come true? Enjoy the Financial Services immediately.

Customized financial products for you:

  • Flexible tenors: 1-5 years credit period
  • Eligible Model: Cayenne
  • Eligible Trade-in Model: Please consult participant dealers for details (trade-in vehicle retail period from 1 October 2021 to 31 January 2022).
  • The trade-in customer and new car customer should be either of same person, corporate entity/legal representative, relatives limited to parents, spouses, children
  • Replacement Support Documents: Replacement vehicle sales contract, Invoice, Vehicle Registration Certificate. New Car invoice, Business license of the corporate owner or proof of kinship of an individual owner (e.g. household register, etc.)
  • Interest Rate: from 3.99% (The payment process will executed upon audit result. If the vehicle fail the audit, the interest rate will be adjusted to 4.99% - 7.99%)
  • Offer Validity: until 31 December 2021.

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