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The Taycan continues to advance technological development, deepening Porsche's uniqueness and leadership in the electric age Unique concepts and technical innovations in Porsche's all-electric sports car

Shanghai/Stuttgart. Introduced in 2019, the TaycanPorsche's pioneering entry into the electric car market – has opened up a whole new segment of all-electric sports cars and con-tinues to advance its technological development. Not long ago, a Taycan Turbo S set a new Nürburgring Nordschleife lap time record of 20.8 kilometres in just 7 minutes and 33 seconds, and was crowned the Nürburgring's fastest all-electric production car, demonstrating its pro-gressive development achievements.

A selection of unique technical concepts form the basis of the Taycan's distinctiveness and are the focus of Porsche's continuing and deepening development.

• First is the Taycan’s forward-looking technical concept. A series of ground-breaking tech-nologies – including the 800 V architecture, the two-speed transmission on the rear axle and the battery frame as an integral component of the structure – were taken into account from the very beginning of development in order to achieve the Taycan’s sports car posi-tioning.

• Secondly, as a luxury brand with a focus on customer experience, the Porsche Taycan incorporates a sense of exclusivity and luxury into every detail of the car, from interior comfort to human-vehicle interaction to ride quality. This is particularly evident in the intel-ligent thermal management strategy.

• Thirdly, there is the consistent reliability of Porsche. With its proven design and its long testing cycles, the Taycan gives drivers confidence and pleasure wherever they are. Es-pecially of note, its practical and reliable range has been recognised by customers as a comforting metric in their daily driving.

These concepts have created an unprecedented driving experience that continues to benefit Taycan owners today. Mayk Wienkötter, Spokesperson Model Line Taycan and E-Mobility, said: "The Taycan has been recognised as an important driver of global automotive innovation and since its launch has won numerous awards worldwide, including the “Most Innovative Car in the World” award. According to the 2019-2020 AutomotiveINNOVATIONS study by the Centre of Automotive Management (CAM) in Germany, almost half of the new developments in the Porsche Taycan are world firsts. As we move into the future, the Taycan will continue to advance its technological development."

Performance-oriented sports car pleasure: 800 V architecture and two-speed transmis-sion on the rear axle

The Taycan is the world's first production car to feature 800 V architecture, an incredible piece of technology whose core strengths are consistent high power output, a more compact and lighter package, and faster charging. The Taycan famously demonstrated the benefits of this architecture by successfully accelerating from zero to 200 km/h 26 times in succession, with a maximum time difference of just 0.8 seconds. When it comes to charging, Taycan owners are able to experience the same efficient pit stop replenishment that helped this technology win Le Mans three times in a row. Using the 800 V Turbo charging station, a Taycan can be charged from SoC 5% to 80% in just 30 minutes – just enough time for a cup of coffee.

The two-speed transmission on the rear axle is another technical innovation that realises the Taycan's sports car concept. It ensures maximum acceleration while allowing the Taycan to remain efficient at top speeds. In other words, whether overtaking on the move or driving con-tinuously at high speeds, the Taycan stays strong. Thanks to the intelligent matching of the two gears, the Taycan maintains a linear energy consumption rate even at high speeds, result-ing in a stable and reliable range.

Porsche-class luxury: the intelligent three-circuit thermal management system

The Taycan's thermal management system not only ensures that the potential of the 800 V architecture is unlocked, but is also key to the overall luxury driving experience. Three temper-ature-stepped circuits provide targeted temperature regulation for the high-voltage components, the drive module and the Climate Control, thereby balancing high performance, fast charging and interior comfort. As a result, the temperature of the components is maintained at the opti-mum operating range even in the extremes of winter and summer, while also ensuring the occupants feel comfortable.

The 'intelligence' of the thermal management strategy is also reflected in the automatic match-ing of the best temperature priority to the driver's styles and preferences. For example, when in Range mode, the battery is actively cooled to reduce energy consumption and ensure range, however once switched to the Sport Plus mode, it is immediately heated to ensure maximum performance output. By being instantly responsive and attentive to the driver, the intelligent thermal management system gives the Taycan a superior sense of exclusivity and luxury.

Globally recognised vehicle reliability: safe body construction and reliable range

The Taycan is a breakthrough in vehicle construction and safety, with its pioneering battery frame as an integral component of the structure. Unlike the option of attaching a battery pack to the body, the battery of the Taycan is innovatively designed as part of the body structure. The integrated, robust bodywork results in the Taycan's excellent crashworthiness, with the battery as a structural element being part of the overall crash force transfer, rather than a pas-sive force absorber. This design ingenuity has been proven by the fact that the Taycan com-plies with all global safety requirements, providing effective protection for the cabin in diversi-fied crash scenarios.

The range of the Taycan is not only sufficient for everyday travel, but also demonstrates a great manufacturer focus on the reliability of the displayed range value. The complex calcula-tion logic takes into account the external environment, road conditions, personal driving style and the use of air conditioning and other equipment in the car, to ensure that the displayed values are accurate. Therefore, the driver can trust them enough to plan subsequent journeys. This was proven in full before the Taycan's world premiere.

In addition, the long test cycles have demonstrated the Taycan's outstanding durability and reliability. Over 6,000,000 kilometres of testing in 30 countries around the world covered ex-treme conditions in terms of temperature, altitude and air humidity, including 2,000,000 kilome-tres of endurance driving and over 100,000 recharges using a wide range of technologies from around the world.


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