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Driven by dreams under spotlightPorsche “Dreamers. On” officially launched in China

Porsche Global’s branding communication project, “Dreamers. On”, has officially launched in China, aiming to support ambitious people in realising their dreams;

• Collaborating with popular media outlets and authorities among Gen Z, Porsche China is setting up a platform to help those who dream big;

• China dreamer’s stories inspire and activate ambitious dreamers in different fields to turn their dreams into realities.

Shanghai. Porsche has been a brand for those who follow their dreams ever since it was born. It all started with one man’s big dream and his dedication to realising that dream, “In the be-ginning I looked around and could not find the car I dreamed of. So I decided to build it myself.” Porsche’s founder, Ferry Porsche, has inspired Porsche to dream for over 70 years, and ena-bled others to dream big as well. This is the legacy that Ferry Porsche has entrusted to the brand, and one that still drives Porsche’s dreams today. This is where “Dreamers. On” started.

On 5 August, 2022, Porsche China cooperated with bilibili (the cultural community and video media outlet with a highly concentrated Gen Z userbase) and Invite the famous film director Mr. Jia Zhangke to co-speak to jointly initiate the first Enabling Action, Keep Rolling, in China. The programme will offer a professional platform for fresh graduate directors to achieve their dreams, which marks the official launch of the long-term branding communication project “Dreamers. On” in the Chinese market.

"This project resonates deep within the history of the Porsche brand, a brand that has been made great by dreams, to serve as an inspiration for everyone who dares to dream", said Mi-chael Kirsch, President and CEO of Porsche China. "Porsche is a brand driven by dreams. We want to do everything we can to help those who dream to create greatness, while generat-ing awareness and inspiration among a wider audience, further shaping Porsche's image as a highly aspirational and dream brand image."

Enabling Action: focusing on young dreamers in film, arts, culture, and esports

Porsche China, as a major initiator of “Dreamers. On”, will cooperate with established media outlets and famous influencers to build a platform for dreamers focusing on film, arts, culture and esports to support dreamers turning their dreams into realities.

Porsche and bilibili jointly built the, Keep Rolling, online recruitment campaign as the first plat-form to help young directors' dreams, together with the famous director Jia Zhangke, will pro-vide a professional platform – including expert advisors, online and offline project exposure, and film project opportunities – that primarily supports fresh graduate directors to achieve their dreams in film producing.

Keep Rolling is mainly open to college film graduates and bilibili creators. Participants have until the end of August to submit their film project. After screening, the selected films will be showcased on the theme page. The winning directors will be selected by a panel of profes-sionals and voted by bilibili users, and will receive professional reviews and exposure of their film projects.

Dreamer Story: those who share the same Ferry Porsche mentality

For those dreamers who have already well established themselves in the fields of racing, art and culture, the "Dreamers. On" project will present their dream stories to inspire more people with high aspirations to go forward.

The first story of Dreamer Story featured Ye Yifei, Porsche Motorsport Asia Pacific Selected Driver. Le Mans is a dream for many racers and sports car enthusiasts; moreover, The 24 Hours of Le Mans is the pinnacle of GT racing and is the dream race for many teams and driv-ers in the world of motorsport. Dreaming at his was a child of being the first Chinese driver to win Le Mans, Ye became the first Chinese to finish on the podium in the highest category at Le Mans. At 24 Hours of Le Mans in June, Ye was already one of the fastest drivers in his category and is determined to chase his dream as a Porsche driver.

Ferry Porsche once said, “Those lucky enough to build a business out of a dream owe it to the world to be the caretakers of dreams." Through this long-term branding communication project, Porsche will initiate more platfomrs, to unite dreamers together, to allow dreamers sharing compassions, and to inspire each other with unique dream stories. Driven by dreams, racing towards glory.


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