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Zero carbon emissions from the racetrack to the road: Porsche brings its electric models to the 3rd China International Import ExpCommitted to being a pioneer in sustainable luxury sport mobility

Shanghai. The Third China International Import Expo (CIIE) is being held at the National Convention and Exhibition Centre (Shanghai) between 5 -10 November. Under Volkswagen Group’s theme of “Shaping a Carbon Neutral Future”, Porsche is showcasing the 99X Electric, its first all-electric open-wheeled racecar, and two members of the marque’s first all-electric sports car line the Taycan, in the form of the Taycan rear-wheel drive and the Taycan 4S. This showcase demonstrates Porsche's commitment to zero carbon emissions from the racetrack to the road and its resolution to move consciously towards a sustainable future.

Porsche has integrated sustainability into its corporate development strategy and continues to reduce CO2 emissions across the entire value chain at all levels and across all activities. Over the next five years, Porsche is investing 15 billion euros in new technologies including e-mobility, digitalisation, sustainability and more. By 2025, half of all Porsche cars delivered are expected to be electrically driven models or plug-in hybrid models.

“The Third China International Import Expo is made possible by effective measures taken by the Chinese government against the COVID-19 pandemic, and China is leading the global economic recovery process in the post-pandemic era.” said Dr. -Ing. Jens Puttfarcken, President and CEO of Porsche China. “The rapid recovery of Porsche's business in China strongly supports the continued growth of Porsche worldwide in the face of the pandemic. We wish to showcase our brand culture, products and services, and in particular our innovative commitment to sustainable mobility in virtue of the strong influence of the CIIE”.

The Taycan: a pioneer in electric technology and sustainability

As Porsche’s first purely electric sports car, the Taycan represents the pinnacle of the brand’s electrification development by combining sports car DNA and technological innovation. The new AutomotiveINNOVATIONS report published by the Center of Automotive Management (CAM) shows that 13 of 27 new developments in the Porsche Taycan are world firsts. Innovations in the all-electric Porsche recognised by the scientists at CAM include its 800-volt architecture, two-speed transmission on the rear axle, high recuperative power of up to 265 kW and best cd value in the segment (from 0.22).

Not only is the Taycan second to none in terms of innovation, but it also strives for zero impact in every aspect of its operations. The production of the Taycan with its zero-emission powertrain at the Zuffenhausen site is CO2-neutral; the heat generated in the plant is drawn from renewable sources and bio-gas; “green logistics” have been adopted, using green rail transportation solutions and electric-powered trucks.

“The delivery of the Taycan started from April this year and it has been warmly welcomed by our customers. ” said Dr. -Ing. Jens Puttfarcken. “China is the world's largest market for new energy vehicles, and feedback from Chinese customers has had a profound impact on Porsche’s electrification journey. Three out of every four Taycan customers in China have chosen the Taycan as their point of entry into the Porsche world. “That means, with the Taycan, we are reaching new target groups in China. ” said Dr. -Ing. Jens Puttfarcken.

The 99X Electric race car: exploring more possibilities in electrification technology

Also on display alongside the Taycan, the 99X Electric, Porsche's first all-electric open-wheel race car. Porsche is committed to innovation, and much of the technology in the brand’s production cars have roots in motorsport. Porsche is looking forward to similar synergies in Formula E to draw inspiration for future sports cars. With the 99X Electric, Porsche will further explore the possibilities of electrification technology on the track.

In November 2019, The TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team contested its maiden season in the Formula E Championship in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. In August of this year, the team finished eighth in the team standings with 79 points after the finale in Berlin, marking a successful conclusion to Porsche's first Formula E season.

Porsche Impact: partnering with car owners to offset carbon emissions

Apart from avoiding and reducing CO2 emissions, Porsche strives to compensate for any remaining emissions via an innovative CSR programme – Porsche Impact – providing car owners with an opportunity to offset their carbon emissions.

Using an online calculator, Porsche Impact enables customers to determine the CO2 footprint of their sports car and financially support projects to compensate for their emissions. The available schemes are focused on biodiversity, hydro power, forest protection and wind energy, including the Danjinghe Wind Project, a wind farm based in China’s Hebei province. Porsche Impact has now been rolled out in nearly 20 countries including China. Porsche China joined the programme last year by offsetting the emissions from its internal fleet, which has resulted in a minimum offset contribution of 655 tons of CO2 annually.

China is a vital market for Porsche, not only in terms of its one-third share of global sales, but also because it has increasingly become a powerhouse of innovation that drives Porsche’s sustainable development. “In the future, Porsche China will continue its dedication to the Chinese market to pass on the pure joy and passion of Porsche, and to support the development of China's automobile market and culture in the long run. We hope to work with our Chinese customers to create a zero-carbon future for mobility.” said Dr. -Ing. Jens Puttfarcken.


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