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Grand Opening of the Porsche Training Centre Shanghai WaigaoqiaoA Foundation for Excellence

Shanghai. December 11, 2015, marked the grand opening of the Porsche Training Centre Shanghai Waigaoqiao. Ever since entering the China market, Porsche has committed itself to delivering world-class customer service by well-developed staff. The all-new Porsche Training Centre, the largest of its kind in the Porsche world, represents the marque’s next monumental step towards this goal. It is built to develop exceptional staff who meet and exceed customer expectations every step of the way.

As the world’s largest Porsche Training Centre, the Porsche Training Centre Shanghai Waigaoqiao site covers an area of 15,490 square metres with 8,540 square metres taken up by the building itself. The two-storey state-of-the-art facility declares its identity immediately with an unmistakable Porsche design of jet-black cladding and sharp edges. Take the building’s unique “shed roof”, for example, it is inspired by the design concept of “Werk 1”, the former factory site that housed the volume production line for the very first Porsche, the Porsche 356 in Zuffenhausen, Stuttgart. Almost the size of a regular football field, from numerous places inside the building, delegates can look through the ubiquitous floor-to-ceiling glass windows with a view into the central courtyard and see Porsche sports cars, right at the heart of the facility. The idea of imbuing staff with Porsche values can be found in every facet of the Training Centre.

With courses offered to every staff member, from new recruits to seasoned employees, the Training Centre’s curriculum covers the full talent cycle at Porsche. The new Training Centre houses 20 units. 12 of these are specially designed for Technical & Body training, 2 for Product training and 6 for Brand & Skills training, and can accommodate a maximum 250 people per day. While each classroom is tailored to its respective subject matter, they do share some common features that contribute to an ideal learning environment.

“As Porsche China enters into the next phase of its growth strategy, it is essential to invest in state-of-the-art facilities such as this Training Centre in order to meet the needs of our rapidly expanding customer base. This phenomenal complex represents Porsche's unremitting commitment to the Chinese market and enthusiasts, and further underlines the significance of China to the marque.” said Mr. Franz Jung, President and Chief Executive Officer of Porsche China.

An active training hub for Porsche staff from around the country, now in full operation, it is expected to deliver 1,400 courses to close to 15,000 staff across China next year. The new Training Centre is a testament to Porsche’s commitment to premium customer service. In this way, it forms an essential part of the Porsche China network’s lifeblood, guiding each and every staff member along individualised paths towards self-improvement.


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