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Porsche Sports Cup China takes to Zhuhai International Circuit for a weekend motorsport carnivalPorsche Sports Cup China 2020 Zhuhai stop

Shanghai. The Porsche Sports Cup China kicked off the 2020 season at Zhuhai International Circuit on 11 July. Along with the Porsche Track Experience Performance held on this circuit on the previous two days, and An Exclusive Date with Porsche 2020 in region south to be held on 13-17 July, Porsche enthusiasts were treated to a veritable sports car feast to satiate their hunger for high-speed competition after months of inactivity.

Amazing competitions and programmes ignite the Zhuhai track

Over the weekend in Zhuhai, the Porsche Sports Cup China presented five exciting series and track experiences to accommodate all skill levels. The Introduction to Race Track was aimed at drivers who want to experience the exhilaration of the track for the very first time. Amateur enthusiasts took the wheel around the track under the guidance of a professional Porsche instructor. The Porsche Drivers Competition provided an outlet for drivers who already have some track experience under their belt to achieve their best single lap time record, while also helping them improve their speed and stability.

In addition, motorsports enthusiasts also experienced fast and furious driving via the 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport experience and the Porsche Sprint Challenge China Testing, giving them a first-hand taste of the GT models’ inherent power and style. The Porsche Parade brought the passion of the track to a climax. Porsche owners drove different Porsche models in a procession around the track for a spectacular parade and took a colourful victory lap on the track with a number of classic Porsche sportscars to celebrate and showcase the infinite charm of the marque that was truly “Born on the racetrack”.

It is worth mentioning that Porsche invited several notable members of the media to the event who drove their own personal Porsches to the track and participated in the Introduction to Race Track event as well as the Porsche Parade. “We welcome our media friends to drive their own Porsches to this event and avail themselves of the opportunity to experience Porsche’s legendary motorsport culture. As well as being a fun and enlivening event for those involved, it also serves as a good way of spreading knowledge of the Porsche Sports Cup China. We hope that more media friends will join the Porsche family in the future and feel the pure performance and sportsmanship of Porsche sportscars in daily life,” said Dr. -Ing. Jens Puttfarcken, President and CEO of Porsche China.

The internationally renowned racing platform supports fans in starting their racing career

The Porsche Sports Cup had its beginnings in Europe, and now, some 15 years later, it offers even more experiences and both on and off-track activities for customers to engage with the thrilling world of Porsche motorsport.

This popular motorsport platform was introduced to China for the first time in 2019, as a key part of the Porsche Motorsport Asia Pacific pyramid, providing a comprehensive racing platform that brings the full range of Porsche motorsport offerings to fans, beginners and semi-professional race car drivers alike. The Porsche Sports Cup China remains the best way to make the transition from sportscar experience to more professional series.

After the Zhuhai stop, the Porsche Sports Cup China will move to the home of Porsche China. The Shanghai finale will once again coincide with the Sportscar Together Day on 31 October to 1 November, bringing all-day on and off the track experiences to Porsche fans of all ages. Attendees can enjoy the pleasure of racing on the racetrack and feel the brand spirit of Porsche off the track. Alongside all this, they can also immerse meet and befriend like-minded enthusiasts who share their passion for Porsche.


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