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The new corporate architecture Destination Porsche gets officially rolled out in ChinaThe first global pilot project - Porsche Centre Hangzhou Binjiang celebrates its re-opening online

Shanghai/Hangzhou/Stuttgart. The new corporate architecture concept – Destination Porsche – is officially being rolled out all over the world to meet the ever-changing demands of consumer preferences and the rapidly evolving world of automotive retail. As the first global refurbishment pilot project to implement the new concept, Porsche Centre Hangzhou Binjiang celebrated its re-opening with a special online event due to the coronavirus pandemic. It also serves as a signal that both Porsche China and its dealerships have entered into the second phase of pandemic cooldown as business operations gradually return to normal.

The new concept is characterised by its flexibility, its use of digital media for individualised communication and its emphasis on brand experience and inspiration. A central part of the concept is that dealerships are intended to become a central gathering place for the Porsche community, appealing to current as well as new customers.

“Destination Porsche will play a core role in Porsche’s future retail strategy and will be a significant vehicle for us to communicate with customers,” said Dr. -Ing. Jens Puttfarcken, President and CEO of Porsche China. “By integrating physical and digital touchpoints, Porsche’s future retail experience will be defined by a multichannel approach to the retail environment, enabling more ways for customers to experience the Porsche brand.”

It is expected that 12 Porsche Centres across China will be upgraded to Destinaton Porsche by 2021. In the global scope, the concept will be implemented on 850 existing Porsche Centres over the next decade. Apart from the upgrade plan for existing Porsche Centres, a new greenfield pilot project will also be established in China by the end of 2020, located at Guangzhou Baiyun.

New design philosophy – further development of Porsche DNA

The design of future Porsche Centres always reflects Porsche’s heritage and innovation. The exterior aluminum facade creates an inviting and eye-catching atmosphere at the entrance. Meanwhile, the interior design of dynamic racing lanes skillfully reinterpret the unique heritage and roots of Porsche motorsport. Instead of being a static exhibition, the scalability of the modular system enables new Porsche dealership to be altered and expanded in the future.

A flexible world with various themed modules

The customer journey through the dealership runs along various themed flexible modules, such as the Highlight Car, E-Performance and Fitting Lounge. As one of the core values, the "community" concept is incorporated into future Porsche Centres, with a newly created lounge area where customers and fans of the brand can come together.

Digital means redefining customer in-store experience

Destination Porsche also creates a digital world, which brings a seamless experience for customers. The virtual reality application let customers virtually experience their own car configuration. Touch screens make the products and services of the Porsche brand come alive in an interactive way. Tablet-based vehicle acceptance process, E-signature, online payment and other digital approaches are also elevating the customer in-store journey to a new level. The digital solutions build up the individualized connection between customer and Porsche products.

Diversified retail formats bringing Porsche closer to customers

Currently, Porsche has 124 sales outlets operating in mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau. Apart from the Porsche Centres, Porsche China has presented other diversified retail formats in recent years, including the Porsche Studios that allow customers to explore Porsche in a downtown digital showroom; the Porsche City Service Centres providing state-of-the-art after-sales services; and the Porsche Sales Pop-ups offering a mobile retail experience.

“The first global refurbishment pilot project has set an ideal upgrade model for all the existing Porsche Centres worldwide,” said Mr. Michael Ramsey, Vice President Network Management and Development of Porsche China. “In the future, other physical touchpoints will also be further geared towards customer needs, with the possibilities for communication also being expanded.”

Further anti-pandemic measures supporting dealerships

With effective pandemic prevention and control, Porsche China has witnessed a clear business recovery as sales in March 2020 outperformaced those of 2019, and until now 100% Porsche Centres resuming normal operations, including dealers in Wuhan. Porsche China is actively responding to current challenges and opportunities in the market, with multiple measures to further support dealers and partners to reinvigorate business, such as financial and service support, well-guided diversified marketing and online campaigns, as well as providing customer care packages.


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