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Porsche invites Chinese car owners to offset carbon emissions with Porsche ImpactPorsche Impact is officially open to Chinese car owners

Shanghai/Stuttgart. On 22 April, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, Porsche Impact was officially opened to Chinese car owners. Chinese consumers can estimate the amount of CO2 their vehicles produce and offset their emissions by funding certified environmental projects. The available schemes are focused on biodiversity, hydro power, forest protection and wind energy, including the Danjinghe Wind Project, a wind farm based in China’s Hebei province. Porsche China has enrolled in the pilot scheme by offsetting the emissions from its internal fleet, which has resulted in a minimum offset contribution of 655 tons of CO2 annually from 186 vehicles. At present, the global CO2 offset through Porsche Impact has reached more than 45,000 tons.

An opportunity to offset CO2 emissions

Porsche Impact is a pilot project developed by Porsche AG and its subsidiary Porsche Digital GmbH. Working with South Pole, a leading service provider of international emission reduction projects, the initiative aims to offer our customers the opportunity to offset the CO2 emissions from driving their vehicle by directly funding certified offsetting projects.

Calculating CO2 emissions according to the corresponding data

The emissions and the respective offsetting value are estimated based on the desired mileage and the individual consumption. On a voluntary basis, Porsche drivers can enter various values in the emissions estimator and choose one international environmental project to invest in after determining the offset value. Porsche Impact currently supports four international emission reduction projects, which are the Kariba forestry and biodiversity project in Zimbabwe, the Za Hung hydropower project in Vietnam, the permanent protection for forests of Afognak Island in Alaska, USA, and the aforementioned Danjinghe Wind Project in China.

The pre-selected offsetting projects are certified by international approved standards, namely the “Gold Standard” and “Verified Carbon Standard” (VCS). The “Gold Standard” was developed by the environmental organization WWF, whereas VCS was initiated by the non-profit organisation Verra. Those quality standards assure the environmental compliance of the projects. On top of that, independent third-party providers verify and review the projects on a regular basis. More details about the projects can be found on the Porsche Impact website.

Dedicated to a sustainable future

Sustainability is a key area of Porsche's corporate responsibility platform and also a central tenet of the brand’s future strategy. With the aspiration to become a pioneer for sustainable mobility, Porsche is creating and implementing measures across the entire value chain for avoiding and reducing CO2 emissions. From the initial purchase of raw materials to the production, transportation, delivery and recycling of automobiles, Porsche avoids and reduces CO2 emissions across the entire value chain. For example, using less carbon-intensive materials, raw materials and supplier manufacturing processes; using electricity from renewable sources and bio-gas to generate heat, the new production buildings are designed to be extremely energy-efficient; using green rail transportation solutions and increasing use of electric logistics trucks.

Besides performance, the minimalisation of consumption and emissions have always been at the core of Porsche’s vehicle development. Now, with Porsche Impact, it is also possible to neutralise individual CO2 emissions based on specific mileage and individual consumption. The initiative lays a solid foundation for Porsche to achieve comprehensive carbon neutrality. In the future, Porsche will work hand in hand with Porsche drivers all over the world to offset carbon emissions together.

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