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"A Vision of Infinity" Future Life of Sustainability Forum empowered by Porsche held in ShanghaiPorsche actively practices the concept of sustainable development

Shanghai/Stuttgart. On September 19th, "A Vision of Infinity" – Future Life of Sustainability Forum empowered by Porsche, was successfully held at the sixth edition of PHOTOFAIRS Shanghai. As the presenting partner of PHOTOFAIRS Shanghai, 2019 marked the third consecutive year for Porsche to present the themed exhibition at PHOTOFAIRS, while also being the first time that Porsche presented a special forum session at the event. The theme of this year's Porsche exhibition was: “Dream • Vision”.

The special forum session was a sustainability forum empowered by Porsche. Porsche invited a number of guests from different fields who have both sustainable development ideas and practices, including: artist Xue Song; photographer Ma Ling; Director of Fangsuo and Creative director of 'The Mix Place', Rocky Liang; furniture, accessories designer, Chairyuan; organic life promoter, Sherry Poon; portrait photographer, Feng Yu. The invited guest speakers gathered together to discuss sustainable lifestyles from the perspectives of art, business, culture, design and environmental protection. They constructed a picture of harmonious life that reconciles the past with the present, the city with nature and humanity with the outside world.

“In the past two years, we have exhibited many classic images of Porsche’s brand charm at PHOTOFAIRS Shanghai. This year, we hope to present more topics related to a vision of future life and sustainable development.” Dr.-Ing. Jens Puttfarcken, President and CEO of Porsche China, said: “This forum shows Porsche’s future vision and strong commitment to sustainable development. We hope to organise multi-dimensional dialogue and thinking on sustainable development through this forum and therefore join hands with more partners to build a sustainable and resilient future."

Guest sharing depicting a picture of a sustainable future life
At the forum, contemporary Chinese Pop artist Xue Song presented his “He” character painting for the Taycan prototype and explained how the concept of sustainable development can be found in traditional Chinese culture. In addition, Xue Song was inspired by the traditional doctrine of Five Elements and created a new artwork created out of ceramic fragments which contains the philosophy of "harmony between humans and nature". At the forum, Dr.-Ing. Jens Puttfarcken and Xue Song jointly unveiled the work.

In the guest speech session, the sustainable picture of life in the future was made clearer: Ma Ling took Chinese tea culture as a starting point, and explored the philosophy of man and nature, as well as man and self-acquisition, from a broad perspective of sustainability. Rocky Liang shared how to reshape the concept of sustainable urban life through a cultural lens. With a keen sense of aesthetics, Chairyuan elaborated on his sustainable innovation concepts and its practical applications contained in accessory design, home design and sports. With the theme of “Principle of Recycling”, Sherry Poon explained how consumers' internal needs for a sustainable lifestyle can change the market landscape and how to promote these ideas to the public when many natural, organic and sustainable brands come together. As a portrait photographer, Feng Yu captured the emotions and desires of modern people through her lens. She shared the stories behind her portrait photography, and discussed sustainable approaches to inner needs.

Practicing sustainability commitment throughout the whole value chain
Porsche has always adhered to a future-oriented sustainability strategy and has always paid close attention to human, environmental and social responsibility. This strategy is embedded in every exciting sports car and runs through the Porsche brand’s whole value chain. Sustainability is an important part of the Porsche 2025 strategy and a key area of Porsche's corporate responsibility. Porsche's goal is clear – to be the most sustainable sports car brand in the premium segment.

In terms of sustainable development, Porsche has been active in many areas and has made good progress. The concept of sustainability is also reflected in the entire lifecycle of every Porsche sports car, from supply chain, production, transportation, usage and eventually to recycling. For example, in the production process, Porsche pursues the “zero impact factory” goal, that is, production which does not have any negative impact on the environment; “green logistics” is adopted in the brand’s logistics strategy, using green rail transportation solutions and increasing use of electric logistics trucks; in addition, Porsche has launched the "Porsche Impact" project to let customers know the carbon footprint produced by their vehicles during driving and subsequently make the corresponding carbon offsets, with the aim of ultimately achieving carbon neutrality. With the launch of the new Taycan, Porsche has entered a new era of electrification and opened the next chapter of sustainable development.


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