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Porsche (China) Motors Limited to recall a portion of all imported Cayenne and Panamera vehicles

In accordance with the Defective Automobile Products Recall Regulation and its implementation measures, Porsche (China) Motors Limited (hereinafter, “Porsche China”) has recently filed the following recalls to the State Administration for Market Regulation. Commencing from 26 August, 2019, Porsche China will recall:

1. A portion of all imported 2009-2010 Cayenne vehicles manufactured from 07 July, 2008 to 05 February, 2010, affecting a total of 11,515 Cayennes in China’s mainland.

2. A portion of all imported 2010-2016 Panamera vehicles manufactured from 21 August, 2009 to 13 September, 2016, affecting a total of 45,685 Panameras in China’s mainland.

On affected vehicles, the plastic bushing that attaches the connection between the gear selector lever and the gearbox may detach due to insufficient durability. There is a possibility that the transmission gear state mismatches the gear shift lever position selected by the driver if the shifter cable bushing detaches. In this case, if the driver moves the shift lever to the ”Park” position when the parking brake is not applied, an unintended movement of the vehicle could occur in extreme conditions, increasing the risk of a rollaway crash and injury.

Upon the recall taking effect, Porsche China will commission all authorized Porsche Centres nationwide to replace the plastic bushing that forms the connection between the gear selector lever and the gearbox free of charge to eliminate safety hazards.

Porsche China will notify the relevant owners via registered mail. Affected users are encouraged to visit Porsche China's official website or call the toll-free customer service centre hotline on 400 820 5911 or authorized Porsche Centres to find out more information about this recall.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this recall brings to our customers. Porsche China is actively working to resolve the issue as soon as possible and to eliminate any potential safety hazards. Porsche always places the safety of our customers first, and will continue to provide high-quality products and services to Chinese consumers through continuous self-improvement.


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