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Porsche (China) Motors Limited to recall a portion of all imported Panamera

Commencing on 07 October, 2019, Porsche (China) Motors Limited will recall a portion of all imported 2011-2016 Panamera vehicles manufactured from 01 November, 2010 to 13 September, 2016. The recall was filed by Porsche China to the State Administration for Market Regulation in accordance with the Defective Automobile Products Recall Regulation and its implementation measures. The recall will affect a total of 42,070 vehicles in China’s mainland.

The recall is related to the possible ingress of water into the A/C blower control unit caused by design defects. Depending on the amount of water ingress, this could lead to a malfunction of the A/C blower control unit. If unnoticed, a short-circuit might lead to an increased risk of a smouldering fire in the air conditioning, presenting potential safety hazards.

Starting on 24 June, Porsche China will commission all authorized Porsche Centres nationwide to check the A/C blower control unit of related vehicles free of charge. According to the inspection results, the A/C blower control unit will be installed with sealing strips and relays as an interim measure, to reduce the possibility of short circuits in the control unit.

When the recall campaign begins in full on 07 October, 2019, all authorized Porsche Centres nationwide will be commissioned by Porsche China to install an improved A/C blower control unit for all vehicles with this defect gratis to eliminate safety hazards .

Porsche China will notify the relevant owners via registered mail. Affected users are encouraged to visit Porsche China's official website or call the toll-free customer service centre hotline on 400 820 5911 or contact authorized Porsche Centres to find out more information about this recall.


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