Founded back in 1999 by former rally driver Ludovico Fassitelli, Stilo creates high-tech racing helmets that stand out for their excellent voice clarity, noise cancellation, granted reliability and performance. The philosophy of the company has always been aimed to the pursuit of the highest levels of functionality in the construction of racing driver’s equipment. This made Stilo products very popular in the world of rallying and the helmets claimed the world title for 15 years so far.

Driven by this success, Stilo began to develop products for all the other sectors of motorsport as well, from karting to GT and Formula racing. This lead to the introduction of the first full-face helmet dedicated to Formula and GT drivers, which earned Stilo victories and satisfaction in all the motorsport competitions.

This constant search for excellence, innovation and perfection has allowed Stilo to increase its prestige among teams and drivers all over the world and a long series of victories led to the debut of Stilo racing helmets in the world of Formula 1 in 2015. At the end of the same year, Stilo's experience and quality were further recognized, and the Italian brand became part of the Simpson Performance Group based in the US.

Each and every helmet is an hand-assembled piece and the production of carbon fiber shells was integrated into the company in 2018 to achieve a completely made-in-Italy product. Stilo is the first manufacturer to certify its whole open and full-face range to the highest standards launched by FIA – the 8860-2018. 

In 2021 the brand became part of the Holley Performance Products, Inc. which is listed on the stock exchange.