Offers for school parties

Lessons outside the classroom? Use the Porsche Museum as an extracurricular learning location. School parties can visit the museum free of charge after prior registration. Various guided tours give an initial insight into Porsche's corporate history. In order to strengthen the team spirit, you can choose workshops on specific topics.

Teamspirit: Design

The Teamspirit invites the pupils to understand the DNA of Porsche based on the model series. The children examine the question of why a Porsche is identified as a Porsche. In this workshop, the pupils deal creatively with the focus on brand identity, line management and design development. This gives them an insight into how designers work. Finally, the groups present what they have worked out during the Teamspirit.

Teamspirit: Engine technology

In front of a backdrop of 30,000 hp, the pupils learn how an engine is constructed and what distinguishes a Porsche engine. Together with a guide you will dive into the basics of engine technology. The pupils get to know the differences of rear, middle and front engines. Furthermore, insights into the boxer and turbo engines of Porsche are given. Finally, the pupils present what they have learned.

Teamspirit: Aerodynamics and lightweight

This Teamspirit gives the pupils an overview of various materials that are used in automobile construction. Today, as then, aerodynamics and materials science promote speed while at the same time reducing consumption. They are also introduced to aerodynamic aids. In a model-scale wind tunnel with different shapes and Porsche models, they can experiment for themselves how different the aerodynamics of the various vehicle types is. In the end the pupils present what they have learned.

Teamspirit: Electromobility

With this Teamspirit, the questions about electromobility are clarified: When did the history of electrically powered vehicles begin? Why couldn't the electric drive catch on 100 years ago? How do the combustion engine and the electric motor work?

Learning with tablet and app

We respect the tried and tested and always use the latest technology - what goes without saying for Porsche is also implemented in the team spirit. Using an app specially developed for the Porsche Museum, our trained guides convey a deeper understanding of individual aspects of the Porsche world.