Porsche - Charge and go – whenever you want.
Charge and go – whenever you want.

Charge and go – whenever you want.

Your life: energized.
Your Porsche: ditto.

Porsche E-Performance includes infrastructure as a matter of course: clever and universal charging facilities for use on the road as well as at home. And, of course, apps and services to combine all this into a typically Porsche experience.
Everything is getting more complicated, say many. Nothing is what it used to be, say others. The world is getting more fascinating, is what we say. The new generation of the sports car is electric. The benefits are perfectly clear: lower local emissions, same driving pleasure. Bringing new technologies from the race track to the road. With digital services to connect the sports car to the world. Where do we get the energy for it all? From the electrical socket. What sounds so simple, should also feel so simple. And charging your sports car should be just as natural as charging your smartphone any time, anywhere. Perhaps even a little bit smarter.


The practical Porsche Charging Dock with Porsche Mobile Charger Connect

Charging at home.

Technology is good when it adapts to us – not vice versa. When we interact with it completely intuitively – and it makes our everyday life easier. That is exactly our goal with Porsche E-Performance. The capabilities of your sports car are even being enhanced along the way.
Your home: smart. Your sports car: ditto. Where other cars sit idle waiting for the next drive, you can use your pit stop at home to charge your Porsche quickly and conveniently. How? With the Porsche Mobile Charger Connect, which can also be programmed to charge your car conveniently in your garage overnight. To take advantage of the full 22kW charging power, we recommend the installation of an industrial electrical outlet or the Porsche Charging Dock.
Where wall mounting is not possible because, for example, you park in a carport rather than a garage, the optional charging pedestal provides an alternative solution.


Porsche driving has forever been more than a point-to-point in your private network. It's always been about the getting there. About the journey rather than the destination. With Porsche E-Performance, you can charge this journey with excitement. Your driving experience: as electrifying as ever.


Charging on the road.

Porsche E-Performance also means charging wherever you happen to be. Not only at home, but also on the motorway, at transport interchanges, in the city. So use your sporting activity to recharge not only your batteries, but also your sports car.
We are working with partners, such as Ionity and Electrify America, on the construction of the most high-powered rapid charging network for electric vehicles. By the end of 2019, thousands of charging points enabling fast and flexible charging will be at your disposal. At these planned and partly already instituted rapid charging stations, it will be possible to charge multiple vehicles at once using the available 800-volt charging technology. The stations will be accessible to the public and spaced approximately 120km apart.
Even more charging points for plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles are there for you to use with the Porsche Charging Service – especially in town. This enables you to use charging pedestals irrespective of the provider and across selected countries in Europe. Any time, quick, easy. You are given access to conventional, public charging pedestals without you having to sign up to the respective provider. Authentication is straightforward by RFID card or app. Billing transactions are cashless and convenient via your central Porsche ID Account and can be viewed online.

Porsche - Charge and go – whenever you want.Porsche - Charge and go – whenever you want.Porsche - Charge and go – whenever you want.

Use all charging pedestals for plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles irrespective of the provider: with the Porsche Charging Service. Any time, quick, easy.

Then, of course, there are those days when arriving at your destination quickly and conveniently has to take priority. With Porsche Connect, not only can you plan your route and send it to your car, you can also check the state of charge of your hybrid model or warm your sports car up to comfort temperature even before you get going.

Charging at the destination.

The reason for this smart interface between the driver and vehicle is quite simple: the focal point of our ingenious total concept is not our technology or engineering prowess, but always you, the driver. That's why we are taking our expansion of the infrastructure another step further – to wherever you want to go. With, for example, the Porsche Destination Charging network – your complimentary access to charging points at exclusive hotels and destinations worldwide, allowing you to charge your Porsche conveniently during your stay.

Porsche - Charge and go – whenever you want.Porsche - Charge and go – whenever you want.Porsche - Charge and go – whenever you want.

We call it: the Porsche way of charging. We are driving forwards together with you in the direction of the future. And we'll never stand still.