Porsche - Familiarisation and development opportunities

Familiarisation and development opportunities

Induction – Your first days at Porsche

To help you get started right away, you will go through the Porsche "Warm-Up" introductory programme for new employees when you start working at Porsche. This programme gives you an extensive overview of the company and the core processes at Porsche AG, allowing you to integrate quickly into your new environment. Initially, a colleague will "take you under his or her wing".

In addition, new employees have the chance to get to know Porsche and its products first hand on factory tours and through a brief assignment on the production side. Of course, you will also learn about our values as quickly as possible. Our corporate culture. Our approach to performance. These are the things that drive Porsche.

Varied and customised

Each year, managers and employees discuss how the performance and commitment of each person are evaluated, and how a future career path could look. Whether and how the targets set have been achieved is dealt with in a fair and equitable discussion of the evaluation. Strengths, potential for improvement, wishes and development opportunities are discussed and used as a basis to develop and stipulate customised development measures. Our diverse individual development measures range from visiting training courses and seminars through to individual coaching. Training measures on the job offer additional practical qualification options.

Young Professional Developlemt at Porsche

After employees have been initiated into everyday work life, the Porsche young professional developemt programme prepares selected young professionals to assume more advanced roles. This two-year programme comprises various components that are aimed specifically at the next possible step in development. Core elements are joint workshops, individual training components, regular round-table discussions, lectures and a multi-month rotation in another department or subsidiary.

The Porsche Management Training

In the area of management, the Porsche Management Training offers a comprehensive and strategic qualification programme that is designed to ensure the sustainable management expertise of Porsche. The goal is a customised qualification programme that provides targeted support to managers and helps them prepare for new roles.