Porsche - Attractive remuneration and additional benefits

Attractive remuneration and additional benefits

The salaries established for employment contracts at Porsche AG are based on the collective agreement for the metalworking industry. The individual remuneration structure is based on the employee's qualifications and experience.

Individual, performance- and results-based salary components ensure fair remuneration that is attractive in comparison with our competitors.

Porsche company cars and rental cars

True strength comes from within. It's nice if it shows on the outside as well.

We offer many employees the possibility to experience the fascination of Porsche outside of the workplace with one of our company or rental cars. In addition, we offer all employees an attractive offer of selected rental cars out of the Volkswagen programme.

Company pension plan

We set the standard with the extensive pension services we offer our staff. After all, you should be taken care of in a manner befitting Porsche after you've retired.

We ensure this with schemes such as Porsche VarioRente, which also allows you to convert part of the remuneration you receive while you are working and invest it in your pension plan.

Porsche insurance service

Porsche Intelligent Performance – this concept not only underlies our vehicles, it is also forms the foundation of our Porsche insurance service. This is because we are always working hard to intelligently optimise our services and conditions for our employees.

The insurance policies available range from car insurance to liability and term life insurance. You receive objective advice and benefit from favourably priced insurance polices that are tailored to your needs.

Employee discounts and anniversary benefits

It is not at all uncommon that employees celebrate their 10th, 25th or 40th anniversary with the company. We are proud to say that many employees find a "job for life" with Porsche.

One of the ways in which our appreciation for our employees' long-term commitment can be seen is the extensive anniversary benefits that our employees receive, depending on their length of service with the company.

Special rates and discounts on spare parts and in the Porsche Design and Porsche Lifestyle by Porsche Design shops complete our wide range of additional benefits.