718 Spyder: Concept

Concept718 Spyder

Porsche Concept - 718 Spyder concept

718 Spyder concept

A firebrand. A go-getter. Aiming for the skies. The new 718 Spyder is an exclamation mark in a world full of ‘what ifs’. And it is a promise – to every road and to every driver. Here is a roadster...

Porsche Concept - Design and aerodynamics

Design and aerodynamics

Serpentines. Hairpin bends. Gradients. Mountain races have always been a special challenge. At the start of the 1960s, by creating the 718 RS 60 Spyder, Porsche continued to expand the successful...

Porsche Concept - Hood


Let’s face it, you’ll barely ever want to close it: the partially electric and high-speed compatible, lightweight hood of the new 718 Spyder. It can be opened and closed with ease and enhances the...

Porsche Concept - Engine


718 Spyder
l/100 km

A 718 Boxster with six-cylinder horizontally opposed and naturally aspirated engine. Obviously. But with 4.0-litre displacement? The question has to be asked: “Does it go?” It goes. Like a bat out of...

Porsche Concept - Transmission


1st gear: start. 2nd gear: acceleration. 3rd gear: raise eyebrows. 4th gear: smile. 5th gear: cheer at the top of your voice. 6th gear: sigh contentedly. And then repeat as often as you like.


Porsche Concept - Chassis


Drifting gently through. Floating along the road on a cloud. A leather armchair on four wheels. To be frank: the new 718 Spyder is nothing like that.

The adaptive GT sports suspension of the new 718...

Porsche Concept - Wheels and tyres

Wheels and tyres

The 20-inch alloy wheels of the new 718 Spyder are painted in silver colour. Upon request, the wheels can also be painted in satin platinum or satin black. The dimensions of the road-approved sports...

Porsche Concept - Interior


We would love to say, “please step in!” but that wouldn’t do justice to your first contact with the new 718 Spyder. You slip into it, like a hand into a perfectly fitting glove. Everything fits....

Porsche Concept - Spyder Classic interior package

Spyder Classic interior package

Even in the 1950s our engineers were a little irrational – in a good way. In 1957, for example, they sent the, then recently tested, 718 RSK Spyder to what is probably the toughest long-distance race...

Porsche Concept - Safety


In the midst of irrationality – we can also be extremely sensible. Not just for quality and sustainability but also when it comes to the most important thing: your safe arrival.


They say with...

Porsche Concept - Navigation and infotainment

Navigation and infotainment

Porsche Connect

On the race track or on the road: Porsche Connect expands the existing vehicle functions of the 718 Spyder with smart services and apps. All designed to make the connection between...

Porsche Concept - Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur

Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur

Our wealth of experience goes back a long way. Since the very beginning, Porsche has been dedicated to realising customers’ wishes. Known until 1986 as the 'Sonderwunschprogramm’, then Porsche...

Consumption and Emissions

718 Spyder
l/100 km