Porsche - Our values and culture

Our values and culture

Our vehicles should always be something special. We also expect extraordinary results when it comes to the profitability of the company. To achieve this, today and in the future, we rely on employees and managers who think just like Ferry Porsche did and who are always willing to go that extra mile.

Tradition and innovation

Our culture is defined by tradition and innovation.

For us, this is not a contradiction at all, rather these are Porsche values that complement each other and form a unity. The combination of tradition, innovation and a range of fascinating products is also reflected in our staff measures and the agreements we have with our employee representation.

Performance and social responsibility

Porsche has focused on both performance and on social responsibility for decades.

These values are not mutually exclusive - in our view, they are closely linked. We live in a performance-oriented corporate culture and emphasise strongly the fair treatment of fellow employees. For example, this can be seen clearly in all projects and agreements that Porsche undertakes in close coordination with the interests of its workforce.

You work in an atmosphere of individual responsibility in close cooperation with other departments and, most importantly, deal with interesting subject matter and a fascinating range of tasks.

We are happy to say that our employees are proud to work for Porsche. They are driven by their passion for our extraordinary products. This motivates our employees to search constantly for improvements, regularly reviewing and optimising given structures.

Our employees sometimes think in unconventional ways, and this is something Porsche supports, because we value independence and individuality.