Porsche - Equal opportunities and diversity

Equal opportunities and diversity

Team spirit and fairness are essential in motor sports in order to achieve an outstanding level of performance and celebrate great successes. Fair cooperation in mixed teams is part of our corporate culture and applies in the working world just as much as on the race track. Porsche therefore attaches great importance to equal treatment of women and men. Increasing the share of female employees is an important part of the Strategy 2018 as an initiative in the “Promotion of diversity” action area. The share of female employees has therefore been increased on all levels of the company in recent years. This development is supported by specific qualification and further training measures designed especially for women, e.g. in the form of workshops and seminars. Porsche also regularly organises exchange programmes for its forewomen and skilled female workers.

For both women and men Porsche also offers flexible working hours models and locally-based childcare programmes to provide the ideal conditions for combining both work and family.

Femtec and Girls‘ Day

Porsche has taken part in the national Girls’ Day in Germany for over ten years now. Each year, interested girls from nearby secondary schools take up the invitation from Porsche and are given an exciting insight into technical professions and degree courses at various locations. The company also supports the initiative „Komm, mach MINT“ which inspires young women for technical studies.

Our cooperation with Femtec has been in place since 2001. This is a career network to promote development of young female skilled employees and managers in engineering and scientific professions. Porsche offers young female engineers the opportunity to get to know Porsche during excursions and innovation workshops and also provides assistance in the form of internships and thesis projects.

Diversity at Porsche

Porsche is a cosmopolitan company, with employees representing over 60 nationalities at its various sites. The desire for a corporate culture underpinned by diversity, internationality and equality means that Porsche also has a responsibility to protect its own employees from discrimination of any kind and in all stages of the employment.

Porsche was awarded first place in the “Large enterprise” category of the state-wide competition “Success through diversity! – Training excellence for young migrants” in recognition of its efforts to promote cultural diversity among its trainees.

At Porsche, equal opportunities do not apply only with respect to gender or origin, but particularly also include persons with disabilities. Porsche expressly welcomes applications from persons with disabilities and their integration is of particular importance to us.