Porsche - Olga Safari

Olga Safari

“The 911 is the perfect escape car.”

She’ll take on anyone. Even Catwoman from The Dark Knight Rises—because, according to Olga Safari’s Twitter fans, Catwoman stole her face. Anne Hathaway, who played the role in the film, bears an astonishing resemblance to Safari. This provocative claim, made at the margins of the Night of 100 Stars—the Oscar gala at the Beverly Hills Hotel—flung Olga Safari from the shadows into the bright lights of Hollywood, where she was met by a cascade of likes and shares.

“There’s a new diva in town,” crowed the Daily Candid News, a celebrity news website. Safari, a 23-year-old Californian, does have a star’s looks, but it’s a long climb up to the heights of Anne Hathaway. Always think positive and never give up your dreams, because if you don’t have dreams, you don’t have a life. This belief is what fuels the U.S. film industry, the creed for everyone who struggles through its trials and tribulations. Olga Safari is a firm believer in this mantra. She appears in the popular television series Bring Your Own Board and the short film LA Stories. On YouTube she gives women tips on how to handle creepy guys in public. She tries her hand at writing screenplays, and often works as a stunt performer.

Safari’s soft features conceal a tough core. She’s got what it takes and is ready for action. She gets a kick out of high-speed car chases, which she trains for regularly on the runway of an abandoned airport, in dry canals, and on racetracks such as Las Vegas Motor Speedway. “I love a shot of adrenaline,” she says. “I love drifting and accelerating out of curves. Every minute on the asphalt takes me a little closer to my limits. Afterward, I love the expressions on people’s faces when I take off my helmet and they realize there’s a woman at the wheel.” In her leisure time, Safari drives a Porsche 911. “I love the view of the fenders when I drive, they’re like waves. They’re a good source of orientation, and somehow they also keep my wilder impulses in check.” A 2003 Porsche 911 Turbo is the ideal escape car for Safari.

By Bastian Fuhrmann
Photo by Owen Yano

Born: 1993
Residence: Los Angeles, USA
Porsche: 911 Turbo (996), 2003
Profession: Actress, stunt performer, author