Porsche Trainee Programme

Porsche Trainee Programme

What better way to launch your career than with a flying start? As part of our 12-month international Porsche Trainee Programme, you will undertake project assignments in various departments. Accompanying events such as seminars or workshops will provide you with a comprehensive insight into the world of Porsche. Our aim is to give you a sense of our values and corporate culture – everything which makes Porsche what it is. This gives you the chance to shape your future with us, right from the word go. You will also be assigned one of our managers as a mentor for the duration of your traineeship.

By working together on a joint project with other trainees, you will have the opportunity to make an individual contribution and develop your skills on both a professional and personal level. And you will also build up valuable contacts within the company from day one.

Incidentally, you can participate in the Trainee Programme in all of the company's departments.

"Areas of work"

12 months. 1 goal: Porsche.

Are you looking for a challenge? If so, you've come to the right place. We'd like you to step out of your comfort zone and gain valuable experience across all of the company's departments. We'll give you the opportunity to do just that during the 12-month international Porsche Trainee Programme:

During the Porsche Trainee Programme, you will be assigned to different departments within Porsche and an international subsidiary for two or three months at a time. You will be given projects of your own, so that you can get to know the company's structures and processes and improve your ability to think and act in a joined-up way.

You will also complete a four-week assignment in our production department and at a Porsche branch, in order to ensure that you can demonstrate another skill which is characteristic of Porsche employees: lateral thinking.

The programme is complemented by ongoing mentoring, a joint trainee project and specially designed seminars and workshops.

This will help you to build up a valuable network of contacts during your traineeship. Once you've completed the Porsche Trainee Programme, you will take up a role within your chosen area. There's no better way to get a flying start.

You're looking for a challenge – we're looking for you

Porsche depends on passionate employees who think differently and tread their own path. Our vehicles are unique. Because our employees are unique.

Professional and personal requirements:

  • A top-class degree
  • Experience abroad as part of degree course or subject-related work experience abroad
  • Initial practical experience in the automotive sector and involvement outside university
  • Fluent spoken and written English, ideally very good knowledge of another foreign language
  • Excellent teamwork and communication skil
  • High level of initiative, willingness to embrace change and capacity for critical reflection

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First impressions count, both for Porsche Sports Cars and for Porsche as a company. You should therefore think of your job application as your first meeting with us. Tell us about the professional areas that excite you and ignite your passion. In your application, go into detail about the trainee role you are applying for. Make it clear how you meet the specified requirements. Tell us why it just has to be Porsche. Be creative. Take an unconventional approach. In other words, rise above the crowd.

A job abo will remind you of open positions as soon as they are advertised.

Important: please make sure that your application documents are complete. If we have a positive initial impression, you will be invited to a personal interview. If that also goes well, you will receive an invitation to attend an individual selection process.

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