Porsche - It's all about the mix: a success story

It's all about the mix: a success story

Fuel Consumption/Emissions* Panamera 4 E-Hybrid: Combined in l/100 km 2.5; CO2 emissions in g/km 56; Electricity consumption (combined) in kWh/100 km 15.9.
Fuel Consumption/Emissions* Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid: Combined in l/100 km 2.9; CO2 emissions in g/km 66; Electricity consumption (combined) in kWh/100 km 16.2.

Passau, Germany

We build sports cars. Always have done. It's in our genes to advance. To never stand still, unless it's to enjoy a brief moment of pleasure. Porsche is the one who leads the way. Not only on the racetrack. It's this motivation that's produced the world's best sports cars. Created innovation. And developed unrivalled technologies. Decades of experience, of which we're immensely proud. We're always looking to the future. Those who break new ground experience many surprises. Therein lies the appeal. We've witnessed a lot of these since Porsche ventured into e-mobility. That a hybrid vehicle can be the most powerful sports car of its model range. That environmental awareness needn't have the slightest impact on the driving experience. That sportiness and comfort can be compatible. The biggest surprise: how many parallels the philosophy behind a Porsche such as the Panamera Sport Turismo has with that of a company from the muesli sector. Who dares wins.

A single ingredient doesn't constitute a recipe. The same applies to success. And here's such a story. Three students. One idea. Combined with gut feel, strategy, the necessary stamina and a dash of humour. And the courage to prevail. Together with the Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid, we follow the trail of this success story and visit mymuesli in Passau.

"You just have to do it. Even if it doesn't work out, you will still have been on a great adventure."


The first thing in common between the Panamera and the mymuesli project: both experienced their first steps on the road. So we sent the Panamera out onto the road on which the idea for mymuesli was created 10 years before. Journeying to a bathing lake close to Passau, during conversations about muesli and stimulated by a radio ad; the three company founders came to the conclusion that it was not just the advertising that needed improvement. They were also convinced that the range and variety of products were in need of a little revolution. The three men who want to establish their own creative playground are called Max, Hubertus and Philipp. None of them suspect at the time that they are at the start of a great journey and an idea that develops into a major project.


The time was right.
Why should you have to relinquish the comfort of a saloon car if you want to drive one of the best sports cars? Why shouldn't you be able to take advantage of e-mobility without economising on driving performance and pleasure? These are the questions that underlie the Porsche Panamera concept – the pioneer of Mission E-Performance. The Panamera Sport Turismo is the generation that changes everything. Characterised by the ubiquitous claim to always advance, to break new ground and to intervene in affairs at the highest level from the very outset. To perform and to celebrate success. The fact that a hybrid drive can retain the usual power and performance of a Porsche was initially greeted with scepticism by many. Of course you first have to prove yourself. Respond to every question with an action. But we'd never shied away from this before.

But just like Thomas Edison and many other great inventors down the ages, the young entrepreneurs first had to confront the doubts of the general public. "People are always a little reluctant when they encounter something new," says Max and grins. A specially commissioned survey from the first year proves this theory: over 1,000 people were asked whether they were willing to buy muesli online. Not a single person answered this question with "Yes". However, this was no reason for the three founders to give up. Because the desire for individuality suddenly became modern. And 10 years later, business is better than ever before. This goes to show that you should not be put off easily and should give luck a chance. With imagination, intelligence and a strong will. Because it is all about striking the right chord – and offering something where people do not yet know how much they are going to like it. That is then really innovation.


"Mutually complementing each other is one of our strengths."

Perfect interaction.
We meet Max, who is also representing his two co-founders. He attaches great importance to the fact that the mymuesli project is not a one-man show. It is immediately apparent that he fully embodies the team spirit. The three friends realised their plan together right from the start and never wanted anything else. They value the interaction of individual components very highly. Each individual makes their own contribution. And all of them work in harmony. Sometimes an idea is even realised without a business plan, tried out because they enjoy what they do. And because they are driven by the goal of turning a small idea into something big. There is a rule of thumb for decisions, a combination of gut feeling and strategic understanding. Max says that they may not be in agreement about every detail. But they complement each other perfectly, encourage and support each other. Each one of them has his own competencies and passion. "And none of us wants to just do his own thing." That is important because the whole is what counts and that is far more than the sum of its part. We immediately think of the Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid and its combination of combustion engine and electric motor. When Max takes his place in the Panamera, it becomes clear that the two understand each other perfectly.


"We really wanted a product that you can touch."

For the founders, each individual employee plays an equal part in the company's success. Whether in management, production, purchasing or sales. At the start, they were not sure if they should even give themselves titles. "For a long time I was Head of Customer-Wow-Experience“, says Daniel, Director of Marketing, who we meet briefly. When the three founders speak of "we", they mean their whole company. That has not changed up to the present day. If you ask the people who work in the company, they talk about one big family with shining eyes. In spite of the impressive growth and size of the company, they have remained true to themselves deep down. Everyone can make a contribution. Everyone enjoys the same respect. Some employees have even been with the company right from the start. They take pleasure in recalling how a small manufacturing facility has become a large production site with just under 700 employees. With the corresponding equipment and individual installations. And the first shop in a pedestrian precinct. They have the feeling that they are part of something great. And they all work with pleasure and passion towards a joint goal: making sure that the mymuesli idea is always filled with new life. Things are also sometimes serious. "The young guys from back then are naturally the bosses today. And as such they sometimes have to take decisive action. But on the whole they are still the lads from before."


Entrepreneurial spirit.
With the Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid, we drive from the lake towards the Passau manufacturing facility. At the start, production was all done by hand. Today the company has three locations, over 50 shops and is at home on the shelves of major supermarket chains. What gives the founders the most pleasure: they have seen their project grow up. And they will never tire of coming up with new ideas. They are born entrepreneurs. And have complete confidence in their abilities.

Start-up or medium-sized company, that is the question. And here too, the right combination wins. A medium-sized company stands for an established state of affairs. It is a sign of success. However, they still do not want to fully give up their start-up title. Why should they, when they can still see new development potential. Their role models are companies that have maintained an unmistakeable design language over many years, just like Porsche. Max makes a comparison: "These are perfect products in the best sense, products where expectations and the actual experience match." And this holds just as true for a muesli.


Only the best ingredients.
One reason for the importance attached to quality is love of the product. Customers should be rewarded for their curiosity and desire to try something new. A principle that we share not just in our hybrid models. Max is already particularly looking forward to the first fully electric Porsche. He has a high level of ecological awareness. In order to ensure that the customers are completely happy, only organic products are used at mymuesli. And they are proud of that fact. They therefore attach great importance to the source of their ingredients. And they have high standards when it comes to the quality awareness of their partners. If there is a lack of trust, they are quite happy to do without one product type. Even if this also means that they miss out on a trend. Nevertheless, the team creates a quite impressive variety of products. From 100,000 orders, only 42 were identical in sample surveys. And they continue tirelessly and are always willing to try out new types. They are continuously re-inventing themselves, allowing themselves to be inspired by the wishes of their customers. And they look forward to the future in anticipation of all the exciting things that lie ahead.

"The most important milestone for me is that we did it in the first place. The most dangerous, but also the easiest, is to listen to the sceptics." -Max Wittrock

Porsche 3.4 seconds
3.4 seconds
E-Performance "Evolution"
Porsche An electrifying performance.
An electrifying performance.
E-Performance "Mission"

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