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Service & Maintenance

Our Services for your Porsche

The pleasure of driving your Porsche is all yours, but you can share the responsibility of taking care of it. That’s what we’re here for. We do everything we can to make sure you can focus on enjoying your Porsche ownership, while we look after the rest.

So we offer service and maintenance packages that maintain your Porsche in its optimum condition. And a Direct Dialogue Bay where you can discuss your requirements with an experienced Service Advisor. We also provide repair services that will get your Porsche back on the road, as good as new, as soon as possible.

Maintenance, Wear & Tear and Service Packages

Over two thirds of all Porsche vehicles ever built are still being driven, thanks to regular expert maintenance.

Porsche Maintenance Plans and Packages tailored to your model – together with replacement of wear and tear parts and consumable fluids – help optimize performance no matter how long you’ve been driving.

Your Porsche is engineered to help you enjoy pure driving pleasure. Service at Porsche aims to keep it that way.

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Repair expertise

With over 70 years of sports car development experience, honed and refined by regular training, our workshop and service staff have the knowledge they need to take expert care of your Porsche. They also work in cutting-edge Porsche Centres, equipped with highly specialised technology to ensure your Porsche receives nothing but the best possible care.

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Porsche Direct Dialogue Bay

See your Porsche differently

An essential element of service at Porsche is transparency. We want you to be well-informed in advance about the condition of your Porsche, the work required to maintain its optimum performance, and the cost. In the Direct Dialogue Bay, you and your Service Advisor can view your Porsche from every angle, and examine all its important components. Then together you can agree what needs to be done. Your Service Advisor can also let you know about any offers available from your Porsche Centre, so you get the best service and the best value.

Porsche - Service & MaintenancePorsche - Service & MaintenancePorsche - Service & Maintenance

Diagnostic Key

The Diagnostic Key is also a valuable tool in ensuring the most effective service for your Porsche. Storing the latest vehicle and diagnostic data – collected as you drive – the key is read every time your Porsche enters the workshop, and the data immediately made available in the central Porsche systems. Any maintenance and repair measures required can then be quickly identified, while you are still in the Centre.