368 Christophorus - The Porsche Magazine 4/2014
368 Christophorus
The Porsche Magazine 4/2014


Porsche - Editorial


There is nothing that Porsche doesn’t approach from a sporty perspective. An extremely sporty perspective. The new Cayenne demonstrates this approach as impressively as the 911 GT3. We illuminate the creative process behind this type of cutting-edge technology by looking at prototypes from different eras.

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Porsche - Hats off!

Hats off!

Whether Cabriolet, Targa, Roadster, Speedster, or Spyder—Porsche has a special solution for driving with an open top. We provide an overview of the different convertible roof systems and how they developed.

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Porsche - Off camera

Off camera

A race means hard driving and a lot of talking. The team in the pit is in continuous contact with man and machine. It’s high-tech communication with strict rules. A job for cool heads when things heat up.

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Porsche - Magic with Plastic, One Brick at a Time

Magic with Plastic, One Brick at a Time

Lego™ bricks let you create entire galaxies, so why shouldn’t you be able to create Porsche race cars too? Malte Dorowski does just that, but not by relying on ready-made construction kits. He uses actual race cars as his guide, and then works out how he can replicate them with conventional Lego bricks—right down to the last detail. Child’s play? Hardly. It takes several weekends before the master builder is really satisfied with a model.

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Porsche - Article overview

Article overview

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