The car collection

The Porsche car collection was started in the late 1950s. It was then that the company began to keep cars for which there was no further use after their last race. It may have been that there had been changes in regulations from one racing season to the next or perhaps there had been major leaps in the development of racing cars. Since then, the collection has grown steadily over the years, prompting a decision to make these fascinating cars available to the public in 1976. Then, as now, they cover the entire spectrum of the process of creating a Porsche sports car. From showcars to development cars to finished production cars, the company collection contains the most important milestones of the past and present, preserved for the future.

Today, the car collection contains more than 700 cars, including almost 200 racing and rally cars. Around 95 cars and various small exhibits always tell the story of the sports car manufacturer in ever-changing exhibitions. This regular rotation of exhibits, as well as special exhibitions on specific subjects or anniversaries, bring real dynamism to the museum. The museum’s cars are also used as references for the media, for tyre development or as the model for the reissue of spare parts. They are also often found on the world’s roads, proactively carrying the museum’s historical work out far and wide as part of the Heritage Experience or participating in well-known motor sport events.

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