Who we are Porsche's culture is unique. Discover how Porsche ticks and why it always centres around people. Our vehicles should always be something special. We also expect extraordinary results when it comes to the profitability of our company. To achieve this, today and in future, we rely on employees and managers who think like Ferry Porsche did and who are always ready to go the extra mile. We're pleased to say that our employees are proud to work at Porsche. They are driven by passion for our extraordinary products. That motivates them to constantly seek improvements, and to regularly examine and optimise structures. Our employees sometimes think in unconventional ways, and Porsche supports this because we value independence and individuality – along with teamwork and mutual support.
Our culture at Porsche Embedded within our mission, vision, strategy and brand statement, the corporate culture statement complements our corporate vision statement. While our strategy explains ‘what we do’, our corporate culture statement reflects ‘who we are’. The corporate vision statement of the company is captured in a diagram enabling every employee to see all the elements and their interrelations at a glance. The corporate culture statement features four core concepts that make it easy to visualise ‘who we are’:
Herzblut … stands for the passion and enthusiasm that fuel our combined efforts to find the best solutions every single day. We will continue to live the Porsche legend and work with pleasure and pride on innovative products for our customers. Pioniergeist … stands for how we started – as a small company with a workshop mentality that delighted the world with its sports cars. Porsche will continue to stand for an entrepreneurial spirit and the courage to take new and unknown roads and generate unique and sustainable solutions. Sportlichkeit … stands for our mindset. We love challenges, act rapidly and are unfailingly respectful and fair in doing so. We will continue to measure ourselves by the highest standards, seek competition and maintain our flexibility despite strong growth. One family … stands for our team, which keeps its down-to-earth approach even when enjoying the greatest success. We seek to further this mentality and to promote respectful and appreciative teamwork characterised by openness and diversity.