Diversity at Porsche Unique on our own. Diverse as a whole. United in success. The Porsche workforce embodies diversity. Employees from more than eighty countries and five generations with a wide range of individual abilities ensure that Porsche is successful.
Equal opportunities Porsche's leaders actively promote diversity – this principle is anchored in the corporate culture statement and in the Porsche Code derived from it. Equal opportunities and treatment for all employees are also enshrined in the Porsche code of conduct. We offer the same opportunities to everyone. We do not discriminate against anyone, nor do we tolerate discrimination on the basis of ethnicity or nationality, gender, religion, world view, age, disability, sexual orientation, skin colour, political views, social origin or other legally protected categories. We embrace diversity, actively seek inclusion and create an environment that promotes the individual qualities of every employee in the interest of our company. To support managers and employees on all levels in putting equal opportunities and diversity into practice, we are continually expanding our platforms for dialogue and the components of our training programmes. Women at Porsche An important objective that Porsche continuously works to achieve consists of increasing the proportion of women at every level. The Porsche Women's Network is very popular at the company. Around six hundred women use it to support each other and to strengthen women's points of view in all the processes at Porsche. Another platform is the Women's Business Lunch, designed to network women from the first- and second-tier levels of management. In addition, Porsche offers ideal conditions to both women and men for combining a career and a family by providing flexible working time models and locally based childcare opportunities.
People with disabilities Porsche expressly welcomes applications from people with disabilities, whose integration is of particular importance to us. The aim is to highlight and strengthen the special abilities of people facing challenges. We ensure universal access not only to our offices, meeting rooms and restaurants but also, for instance, in the form of technical support for people with special hearing needs.
Partnerships and initiatives