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The individualized stamp of acknowledgement

Dear Porsche Club Members,

as already announced within the Porsche Club News 02/09, we have responded to the request of several Porsche Club Presidents in individualizing the original stamp of acknowledgement of official Porsche Clubs for a better dissociation from private associations.

The stamp has been amended by a number corresponding with the chronological dates of club foundations.

Already 2009, we asked your club management to send us the exact date of foundation of your club as well as official founding documents. This information has been verified by your club management and released for communication.

Based on the confirmed dates of foundation the allocation of the numbers has been carried out according to the following guidelines:

- Generally, the number of individualization derives from the chronological order of the club foundations. This means that the club with the oldest founding date will be assigned with the number 1, the second oldest with the number 2 and so on. This rule is relevant for all clubs which informed us about the foundation date of their Porsche Clubs in reference to our letter.

- If there was no feedback or the founding date could not be found out, the date of signing the Licence Agreement with the Porsche AG is valid.

- If the club has already been found, but is still in the process of acknowledgement (which means that no Licence Agreement has been signed so far), the individualization number won't be assigned yet but it will be reserved for you via placeholder. As soon as the Licence Agreement has been signed from both parties and as soon as the Porsche Club Logo complies with the Porsche CI, the Club will receive the individualized stamp.

- Clubs founded after 31 March 2010 and subsequently accepted by the Porsche AG, will be assigned with individualization numbers which follow the order of the list.

As each number will only be awarded one time to only one club worldwide, the stamp of acknowledgement won't be usable anymore for "inofficial" clubs in an abusive way in the future. This measurement supports you as a Porsche Club in your club work and strengthens your position compared with unauthorized associations.

Every Porsche Club that has been authorized by the Licence Agreement has received its individualized stamp of acknowledgement via e-mail in May 2010.

As an additional service, the individual stamp of acknowledgement will be integrated automatically in every club homepage that is based on the Porsche Content Management System (CMS). Afterwards, the web-editor will give the club webmaster the opportunity to choose whether, where and how often the individualized stamp of acknowledgement shall appear on the club homepage.

Porsche Club Coordination


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