Our offers for children Take your children on a journey through the history of Porsche and learn about the evolution of the Porsche DNA in a playful and child-friendly way. We'll show your children of what parts a Porsche is made of. While the big ones get an insight into materials science, the little ones design their own Porsche. There is something for everyone!
Porsche 4Kids birthdays Celebrate your birthday surrounded by more than 30,000 hp!

Do you want to celebrate your birthday? Let’s do it together! Explore the exhibition in the Porsche Museum with your friends and answer exciting questions. You can train like a Porsche racing driver, get creative as a Porsche designer or build the Porsche of the future. Whichever task you choose, you are guaranteed an unforgettable afternoon.

There are three different themes to choose from for your children's birthday party.

Gastronomic offers after the children's birthday party

On request, our gastronomic offer in the bistro Boxenstopp can also be booked.
You can choose from three different catering options:

Package sweet
Colorful cake minis
Price: € 6.50 per person

Cayenne package
Chicken nuggets with fries in a basket. In addition, various vegetables with quark herb dip.
Price: € 9.00 per person

Boxster package
Children's schnitzel or penne with tomato sauce or Zuffenhausener Maultaschen (pasta pockets) with potato salad. Please select one of these variants. There are also various vegetables with quark herb dip.
Price: € 10.50 per person

Reserve a table at 4:30 p.m.
Dining à la carte
Price: Payment in the restaurant.

Please let us know your gastronomic request when making your booking request. We look forward to taking your reservation.