Porsche - Internship


Porsche regularly offers students from different school systems the opportunity to complete an internship in various company departments. Watch our staff carrying out their duties and get a first impression of what your own future career might look like.

In this way, we can help you to assess your own abilities and talents while you are still at school and help you choose a career that suits you.

There is great demand for the limited number of places. Make sure that you apply well before your preferred starting date.

Porsche Internship - Vocational training

Vocational training

Porsche Internship - About the apprenticeship

About the apprenticeship

Porsche Internship - Dual course of study

Dual course of study

Porsche Internship - Internship


Porsche Internship - Internships at Porsche

Internships at Porsche

Porsche Internship - Working student at Porsche

Working student at Porsche

Porsche Internship - Practice-oriented thesis at Porsche

Practice-oriented thesis at Porsche

Porsche Internship - Dissertation at Porsche – more ideas per h.p.

Dissertation at Porsche

Porsche Internship - Direct entry at Porsche

Direct entry at Porsche

Porsche Internship - Cooperation and scholarship

Cooperation and scholarship

Porsche Internship - Joining Porsche directly

Joining Porsche directly