Porsche Heritage Design - Fashion fades, but style never does.
Porsche Heritage Design
Fashion fades, but style never does.
Porsche - Heritage Design
Porsche - Heritage Design
Porsche - Heritage Design
Heritage Design

Lifestyle – a word that is currently used very frequently by many industries. And yet, its literal meaning highlights a principle that has always applied to Porsche: fashion fades, but style never does. This is particularly true for our customers, for whom Porsche has always been more than just a lifestyle. When applied to Porsche design, this means: no future without heritage. With every new model, it’s important to maintain a connection to the past. There’s a little piece of 356 and 911 in every new model. And every new model takes inspiration from the diverse history of our brand. Sometimes it’s merely nuances – and yet these shape the character and overall impression of each new design.

With our Heritage Design strategy, we at Porsche are now continuing this approach even more consistently and emotionally, with even greater customer focus. We’re bringing back the Porsche brand’s most popular design features, colours and materials of the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. Not 1:1, of course, but composed by our designers with great attention to detail, and reinterpreted to perfectly emphasise – and complement – the timeless modern character of the 911.

Every era of Porsche history is exclusively showcased by a limited-edition collector model. Moreover, we’re raising awareness of the topic by means of optional packages that will also be available for many other 911 models. We are confident that we’re therefore reflecting the spirit of the times in the truest sense of the word. In a world of multimedia overload and the daily competition for the latest trend, Heritage Design stands for serenity and familiar memories of an attitude to life. We’re bringing the spirit of past Porsche decades back to the road, while creating something new. Icons of cool.

Some things were pretty cool.
Time to bring them back.

Heritage Design Models.

Relive the feelings of bygone times – with our limited-edition special models.

Heritage Design Packages.

Give your dream 911 a historic touch with the Heritage Design Packages.


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