Our mission

We want to make the past fit for the future today. This is why we are enriching the here and now with important insights from our history and embedding our heritage sustainably in our company strategy. We do not see origins as having one single dimension; they are always affected by other defining social, cultural and societal influences too. This is also part of our identity.

Besides showcasing historical content in the museum, it is important for us also to present the Porsche brand identity and Porsche products internationally. We call the engagement with our past and the transfer of the most important insights to the present “Heritage Work". We consider it paramount to foster an exchange that focuses on important subjects such as identity, respect and cultural sensitivity – also beyond the brand – and to experience other cultures and to have the opportunity to learn from them.

By using historical cars from our collection, we are not only showcasing the functionality of Porsche sports cars but, more importantly, conveying the fascination for Porsche in an authentic way all around the globe – as a brand ambassador. We are increasingly developing our own formats to allow media reporting from an entirely new angle (Heritage Experience) and in order to convey internationally important product and corporate messages (Heritage Concepts). In doing so, our goal is to always sharpen the understanding of the origins of the Porsche brand.

Heritage Experience

The Porsche Museum stands for vibrancy and variety, and also for origins and tradition that can be seen and experienced. The museum applies this philosophy consistently with its Heritage Experience (formerly “The Museum on Wheels”) – all over the world. We participate in national and international historic racing events and classic car rallies with the cars in our collection. Our museum exhibits therefore fulfil the purpose for which they were once built: they are driven.

Driving events include historical formats, specially created events such as the "Porsche Legends@" series, as well as collaborations and media partnerships. The Mille Miglia, Targa Florio, Le Mans Classic, Historic Monaco Grand Prix, Solitude Revival and the legendary Goodwood Festival of Speed in England are just a few of the highlights from the past.

One of the best bits of 2019 was our Heritage Experience in China, which represented a very special form of cultural exchange. For the first time, the Porsche Museum made it possible for 20 Chinese journalists to take an unforgettable trip against an extraordinary backdrop. This cultural trip did not go to the usual tourist destinations, but to the Chinese province of Yunnan in the South-West of the People's Republic.

With Heritage Experience, the Porsche Museum aims to proactively transport its historic work out into the world. One aspect always remains at its forefront: making it possible to experience history – nationally and internationally – with cultural sensitivity and always with an awareness of tradition.

Heritage Concepts

For us, heritage is not a product, or an item to be ticked off a list, but is rather the practical expression of Porsche’s identity as a company. This is why the topic of heritage does not end at the doors of the Porsche Museum, but extends to all brand contact points in the world – and indeed far beyond. The Heritage Concepts area deals with the public image of historical work, addresses important topics, translates them into modern times, and brings them to strategically important venues outside the museum’s exhibition.

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The most recent example is the roadshow celebrating Porsche's success story at Le Mans, which will make stops at around 14 locations in ten countries from June onwards, including France, Great Britain, the USA, China, the United Arab Emirates and Germany. Porsche enthusiasts can look forward to static and dynamic performances by more than 20 original winning cars from the historic collection. In keeping with the roadshow, there will be so-called "Heritage Corners" in the Porsche Experience Centres around the world, dedicated to delving deeper into history. Other examples are the “356 ‘No.1’ World Tour” to celebrate “70 years of Porsche sports cars” in 2018 and the “Follow the 911” World Tour to celebrate “50 years of Porsche 911” in 2013.

The aim of the creative concept team is to use Porsche history and products to make it possible to experience brand values such as pioneering spirit and tradition outside the company’s own locations. The project’s diverse presentation forms range from special activities such as road shows and museum co-operations to exhibitions all over the world.