A peek into our workshop

The concept is both fascinating and unique: the employees of the museum workshop do not work secretly on historic cars; they perform restoration and repair work behind a large glass wall, in full view of everyone. Even before the escalator takes visitors to the exhibition on the first floor, they pass this window into the workshop. In order to proactively take the historical work out into the world, the classic cars in the Porsche Museum must not only be authentically restored, but should also always be ready to drive.

In the museum workshop in Zuffenhausen, master craftsmen, mechanics and trimmers put this cultural philosophy into practice every day. With a combination of state-of-the-art equipment and incomparable expertise, they painstakingly prepare classic cars, prototypes, test cars, sports and racing cars for whenever they need to go out, whether onto the track or the road. For activities that cannot be carried out in the museum workshop, those responsible are able to call on the resources of Porsche Classic or Porsche Motorsport’s customer car restoration department.

Many of the cars maintained and restored in the centre of the Porsche Museum are used by the team for historical racing events and presentations worldwide as part of the “Meet the legends@” and “Porsche Heritage Experience” event series. In this way, the museum workshop is, and remains, the heart of the Porsche Museum. Its constant aim is to get the almost 800 classic cars from the collection to the starting line at around 320 events in what is now more than 30 countries. After all, historic Porsche cars are the most authentic brand ambassadors, and are best able to convey the heritage idea and the company’s overall "Mission Future Heritage" strategy – on the roads and race tracks of the world for which they were once designed.