About the Museum

The Porsche Museum has been showcasing the history and fascination of the brand in a modern and vibrant way since 2009. The past and future of the Porsche idea come together at the heart of the brand’s headquarters in Zuffenhausen. Read on to get an overview of the main exhibition as well as its special displays, the thinking behind the museum and the architecture of its stunning home.

Information on the exhibition at the Porsche Museum

The Porsche Museum keeps tradition alive by bringing the historical values of the company to the present day. Around 95 cars tell the story of the sports car manufacturer in exciting exhibitions, with real dynamism being brought by the regular rotation of the exhibits and the holding of special exhibitions.

Among the world-famous automobile icons are the Porsche 356 “No. 1” Roadster, Porsche 911 models of various generations, not to mention examples of the both the Porsche 550 and the 917. The whole history of Porsche production and motorsport cars is presented in chronological order.

At many points you will not only be given answers to your questions, but will also be interactively involved. Did you know that our history actually started with electric power, with the first car designed by Ferdinand Porsche being an electric car – long before the first sports car bearing the Porsche name was registered in 1948?

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The Porsche car collection

We have built up and expanded our car collection over many decades. It now contains more than 700 cars, including almost 200 racing cars. We regularly participate in national and international historic racing events and classic car rallies with many of the cars in our collection. Our museum exhibits therefore fulfil the purpose for which they were once built, in that they are driven. They also proactively take the museum’s historical work out into the world.

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The Museum workshop

The employees of the museum workshop do not work secretly on historic cars but perform their restoration and repair work behind a large window wall, in full view of everyone. Visitors who stop by for a snack in the coffee bar can watch the master craftsmen, mechanics and trimmers at work. Behind the glass facade they restore, among other things, the classic vehicles from the Porsche Museum’s car collection. Their aim: no matter how old a Porsche sports car is, it should always be ready to drive. With a combination of state-of-the-art equipment and incomparable expertise, they painstakingly prepare classic cars, prototypes, test cars, sports and racing cars for whenever they need to go out onto the road or track.

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