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Helpful Information

A Note About European Fuel

Your new Porsche will be built to specifications meeting all Canadian safety and emission control requirements.  Unleaded fuel is now widely available at most major gas stations in Western Europe.  The use of leaded fuel in your Porsche may invalidate your automobile’s warranty and/or make it necessary to exchange the catalyst and oxygen sensor at your expense.  When you return your Porsche for transatlantic shipment, it will be tested per Canadian regulation to determine whether the vehicle was misfueled.  Should you elect not to use the free return shipment through Porsche AG, such lead testing could become your responsibility and, upon importation, may be required to satisfy Canadian Customs.

Automobile Insurance

Currently, the European Delivery program provides 16 days of collision coverage and third-party liability insurance, commencing on your specified delivery date.  You are therefore fully insured (liability insurance and collision coverage) for the first 16 days of your trip.  If your European travel plans exceed 16 days, you may obtain additional automobile insurance.

At the time of ordering, it is advisable to work with your Porsche Centre to plan your insurance according to the length of your trip. Coverage over the initial 16 days can be added at an additional cost as indicated on the European Delivery Order Form. The maximum possible insurance coverage available is 90 days. The insurance coverage indicated on the European Delivery Car Order Form will be included in your papers. 

Remember, your U.S./Canadian coverage is not valid in Europe.  Third-party liability insurance covering the length of your European stay is required to ensure that the required international registration remains valid.  Please do not overlook this critical point:  your European auto registration is valid as long as you are covered by third-party liability insurance.  Should you be caught without adequate liability insurance during your trip, your car could be confiscated as you cross an international border.

It is also important to note that if your arrival at the factory is delayed from the date specified on the insurance forms, only the remainder of your registration and liability insurance will remain in force.  Be sure to notify your Porsche Centre directly if there is a last-minute change in your arrival date.

Warranty and Service in Europe

The warranty terms valid outside Canada are presented in the booklets issued to you during delivery.  Any work done on your Porsche should be performed as specified in the Warranty and/or Maintenance booklets by a Porsche Centre listed in the Porsche Authorized Porsche Centres booklet.  Please refer to the maintenance booklet’s schedule outline to determine when you will be charged for the first maintenance service.  We urge you to follow these suggestions in order to ensure that the warranty remains valid.