Returning Your Porsche

Returning Your Porsche

You can return your vehicle to the Leipzig factory at no additional charge 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year. Please note that vehicles can not be returned to Zuffenhausen. The closest alternative remote drop-off location to Zuffenhausen is in nearby Sindelfingen. It is recommended that you return your vehicle to our factory, in the event that any warranty work needs to be performed by Porsche’s factory technicians. Please note, however, that the factory shop is completely booked at times, which could delay shipment of your vehicle to Canada.

If you would like to make alternate arrangements for dropping off your vehicle for return shipment, we have contracted International Freight Forwarders, Inc. to facilitate the transport. IFF, Inc. has partnered with transport agents throughout Europe which will allow you to drop off your vehicle in a number of major European cities:

  • Germany (Sindelfingen, Bremerhaven, Duisburg, Hamburg, Munich)
  • France (Paris, Nice)
  • Switzerland (Geneva)
  • Spain (Madrid)
  • Slovenia (Koper)

Additional charges will apply to cover the transportation cost. Detailed information, including contact information and pricing for each drop-off location will be sent to you with your European Delivery package, or you can request this information in advance from your responsible Porsche Centre or from your European Delivery Specialist.

Your Porsche will be fully insured for the return shipment, but personal items left in your car are not covered, so be sure to remove any personal belongings from your new Porsche prior to turning it over for shipment.  The International Registration booklet will also be needed in order to leave your car with our shipping agent.