Before scheduling your complimentary pre-inspection, here are a few things you need to know.

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The Essentials
What are my options at lease-end?

Return: You may return your vehicle to your local Porsche Centre on or before your lease maturity date. Please note, all contractual payments will need to be satisfied upon return. Purchase: If you choose to cash purchase your vehicle, you may obtain a payoff by contacting an authorized Porsche Centre.

Will Porsche Financial Services Canada contact me before the end of my lease?

Yes, you will receive several communications from Porsche Financial Services Canada. 180 days prior to your lease-end date you will receive a brochure to help inform you of your lease-end options. 90 days prior to your lease maturity date a Porsche lease-end representative will contact you to present your lease-end options. 60 days prior to your lease maturity date a Porsche lease-end representative will assist you with scheduling a pre-inspection and answer any questions you may have regarding the lease-end process.

How can I contact Porsche Financial Services Canada?

You may contact Porsche Financial Services Canada by:

· Logging into your Porsche Financial Services Canada Account via My Porsche and send a message using our secure message portal (Help>Contact>Ask Us).

· Sending an email to pfs.customerservice@porsche.ca

· Calling us at 1-866-321-2933

Is my residual value negotiable?

Unfortunately, the residual value is contractual and is not negotiable.

What is my lease maturity date?

The lease maturity date is the date your vehicle is due to be returned to an authorized Porsche Centre or purchased. Details of the lease maturity date are found in your lease agreement or extension agreement if applicable.

How can I pay the charges due on my lease-end statement?

As of September 1st, 2020, Porsche Financial Services Canada will be available as a personal payee on most online banking platforms. Please contact your banking institution to see if this is an available option. Alternatively, we also accept personal cheque, certified cheque, money order or bank drafts.

Pre-Inspection and Inspection
Is the pre-inspection required?

The pre-inspection is not required but we do highly recommend that you take advantage of this complimentary inspection as it provides awareness of any necessary repairs that will need to be made prior to your lease-end date to avoid excess wear charges. Repairs must be performed at an authorized Porsche Centre. Please be sure to send in your repair receipt prior to returning your vehicle so that charges for repaired excess wear may be removed. A final inspection or “Post-Inspection” will be conducted on your vehicle once returned to the Porsche Centre and any repairs not performed or excess wear and use will be billed at this time.

How can I schedule my pre-inspection?

You may schedule your pre-inspection by calling Porsche Financial Services Canada at 1-866-321-2933 and one of our Porsche lease-end representatives will assist you with scheduling your appointment around 60 days prior to your lease-end maturity date.

Can my authorized Porsche Centre perform the final inspection on my vehicle?

The dealer cannot determine any excess wear on your vehicle. All inspections are completed by AutoVIN, our third party inspection provider.

Returning the Vehicle
What do I need to do to return my vehicle at lease-end?

Contact your authorized Porsche Centre 30 days prior to your lease maturity date to schedule your lease-end vehicle return.

What if I made any after market changes or modifications to my vehicle?

Any after-market modifications will need to be removed, and the vehicle will need to be returned to its original condition at the time of lease origination. Any after-market modifications left on the vehicle at return are subject to charge.

What should I bring when returning my Porsche vehicle?

Please bring both key fobs, owner's manual, and all removable options and accessories.

Potential Charges
What charges will be on my final lease-end statement once I’ve returned my Porsche?

Your statement will include charges for any excess wear that was not repaired prior to return as well as any excess kilometre charges and any fees remaining on the account at the time of return (e.g. late fees, parking tickets, etc.)

What can be considered excess wear?

Excessive wear is any wear and use over and above the normal amount of wear and tear a vehicle would customarily accumulate. The most accurate way to determine your excess wear charges is to schedule a complimentary pre-inspection.

What happens if I went over my allotted kilometres?

You will be charged any kilometres in excess of the allotted kilometres agreed to at lease signing. The best place to find detailed information regarding kilometre charges is your lease agreement.

Protection Plan Products
What should I do if I purchased the optional Porsche lease-end protection plan?

If you purchased any optional protection products and believe you have a claim, please check with your coverage provider prior to vehicle return. Any excess wear charges from the final vehicle inspection will be reviewed to determine if lease-end coverage applies. Your final invoice will include details of the coverage benefits applied to your account.

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