The Porsche Panamera Turbo S is parked at a charging station in the city. In the left part of the picture, you can see a man with his mobile phone in his hand, checking the charging time of his Porsche.
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Help & Contact

Here you will find more media and service information regarding Porsche E-Performance.

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Here you can see a catalogue of Mobile Chargers.

Instructions for uploading diagnostic data for the Mobile Charger Connect*.

The Porsche Mobile Charger Connect can transmit diagnostic data to the responsible support office in the event of an operating fault.

*Available in some countries


• The charger is already integrated into your home network (see Owner's Manual). No diagnostic data can be exported if the hotspot is connected directly.

• For the password of the web application you need the access data letter that is enclosed with the device.

• Your end device (e.g. tablet, laptop, smartphone) should have a compatible browser (see Owner's Manual) and should also be in the home network.

Web Application Login // Step 1

• Enter the current IP address of the charger in the browser address bar. You will find the IP address under Settings > Networks > Network information.

– or –

• Enter the host name of the charger in the address bar of the browser. You will find the host name in the letter containing access data. It consists of the following components: Device name + serial number (e.g. https://WallChargerConnect-1234567/or https://iccpd-1234567/)

• A security message appears on some browsers. This can be confirmed.

Web Application Login // Step 2

• Log in as a “home user” in the web application. Enter your password, which you can see in the letter containing access data.

Upload of diagnostic data // Step 1

• Navigate to Settings > Service > Diagnostic data.

Upload of diagnostic data // Step 2

• Select export diagnostic data and accept the message.

The relevant support office can now analyze a possible malfunction in your Mobile Charger Connect/Wall Charger Connect using the diagnostic data and suggest the appropriate instructions for use.

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