Porsche - The Location

The Location

Auto fans around the world know that the traditional site of Porsche AG is in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen. Seventy years ago the erstwhile Porsche engineering office relocated from downtown Stuttgart to the first, newly built Porsche plant in Zuffenhausen. This is where the trial series of what became the “VW Beetle” was built in 1938, as was the forefather of all Porsche sports cars, the Type 64 “Berlin–Rome Car,” in 1939.

With the start of standard production of the Porsche Type 356 this Stuttgart suburb became the birthplace of the sports cars bearing the Porsche logo in 1950. Today, the 911 model series and Boxster models as well as all Porsche engines are produced in Zuffenhausen. And Porsche’s museum is located here, on Porscheplatz. At this historic location, it joins the Porsche plant and the Porsche Center as the new emblem of the company.