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Events 2022

10-31 januari
Autosalon in de showroom inclusief open op zondag 16/01,23/01 & 30/01
2-6 februari
Ice Experience level 1 &2
17 maart
Petrolhead Thursday
26, 27 maart
Check-up Tour Amical
7 april
Petrolhead Thursday
6 - 8 mei
Antwerp Classic Car event @Brasschaat
12 mei
Petrolhead Thursday
29 mei
Petrolhead Sunday
2 juni
Petrolhead Thursday
11 juli
Coppa Classic
11 augustus
Petrolhead After Work
6-8 september
Road to Stuttgart
8, 9 september
Porsche Slipcursus Nijvel
15,16 september
Porsche Golf Cup
29 september
Petrolhead Thursday
13 oktober
Petrolhead Thursday
10 november
Petrolhead Thursday
18-20 november

Voor meer info over events & Porsche experiences contacteer: isabelle.regnard@pca.porsche.be

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Petrolhead Thursdays

Drive your sportscar on a racetrack! Professional Coaching, great moments with friends, exclusive corporate events!

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Rally: The Road to Stuttgart

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Porsche Golf Cup Belgium 2021

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