Design and aerodynamics 718 Spyder

Porsche 718 Spyder - Design and aerodynamics

Design and aerodynamics

Serpentines. Hairpin bends. Gradients. Mountain races have always been a special challenge. At the start of the 1960s, by creating the 718 RS 60 Spyder, Porsche continued to expand the successful concept of the legendary 550 Spyder and its successor models – lightweight, lower centre of gravity, mid-mounted engine, great manoeuvrability – and sparked waves of excitement in countless mountain and long-distance races.

The design language of the 718 RS 60 Spyder was influenced by its function. Be fast, be agile, win races. And exactly this design language can be seen now in the 718 Spyder. Its unmistakable silhouette with the flyline typical of a midmounted engine, for example. Or the front spoiler: elegantly rounded, flattened, closer to the road. The front apron is reduced to the basics. Its clearly defined shape with the typical Porsche sweep tells the headwind what it has to do: create optimum tyre contact pressure. Especially in the corners.

The highly distinctive front spoiler lip with an additional spoiler in front of the wheel arches reduces the aerodynamic lift on the front axle. The central air intake in the front apron also optimises the aerodynamics and channels the air stream up through the air outlet in front of the front lid.

Even the underside of the front spoiler lip has been aerodynamically optimised. Here, the special profiling – similar to a golf ball surface – ensures drag is as low as possible. Air curtains in the front apron minimise the air turbulence created on the wheels and therefore minimise drag by releasing the inflowing air precisely in front of the wheels from the wheel arches.

The large air intakes with air intake grilles ensure a high cooling capacity. Thanks to the honeycomb structure of the grilles, these are even more aerodynamically efficient than in previous models.

The design is additionally rounded off by the 20-inch alloys set deeply in the wheel housing that give the performance of the 718 Spyder a greater contact area with the road, thanks to the sports tyres. The typical 718 lines on the doors direct air to the side air intakes. These supply the midmounted engine with fresh air, ensuring that it is efficiently ventilated – if it gets hot.

The rear end of the 718 shows how perfect irrationality can be. The rear is influenced by the characteristic streamliners that visually carry forward the shape of the Black roll-over bars. They lend the 718 Spyder its unmistakable look and, at the same time, are reminiscent of the silhouette of one or other of its predecessors.

The distinctive rear spoiler between the tinted taillights emphasises the performance-oriented design. At speeds in excess of 120km/h it automatically extends – and reduces lift for more driving stability.

The dynamic slope of the rear end is made up of the diffuser and the concise sports exhaust system. Its two Black sports tailpipes are separated further and create the unfiltered sound that, every now and then, silences reason. The rear diffuser creates a very fast flow on the rear underbody and has a decisive impact on reducing overall lift by 50%. Super sports car technology that makes itself felt every second – in a good way of course.

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